MC cartridge suggestions for Luxman L-550a ii

I am currently running a Clearaudio Maestro Wood on my Michell Tecnodec with a Michell modified RB250 arm rewired with an incognito kit. I am looking to upgrade to a moving coil cartridge.
Obviously it must work with this table setup as well as the phono section of the Luxman.
All advice and recommendations are valued, but I would appreciate input from people having experience with L-550a ii specifically.
I am not looking to break the bank here, but I do want an upgrade from what I am currently running.
Thanks in advance!
Dear Pepler: IMHO this could be an upgrade in better way than any LOMC and you don't have to breack the bank, please read it carefully:

in the other side and with any cartridge you decide to go IMHO a change on tonearm over your modified RB250 could help a lot to improve quality performance.

Regards and enjoy the music,