MC Cartridge Suggestions?

Hello out there:

I'm shopping for a MC cartridge to mount on a Rega P 25 with a RB 600 arm. I listen to Blues, Jazz, Classical, and Vintage Rock & Roll (in about that order). The rest of the system is a Rega MC phono stage, LFD Mistral SE integrated amp, Analysis Plus Oval 9 Cables, and Talon Audio Khites.

A friend with classical and acoustical tastes suggested Koetsu Black, Goldring Elite, or Dynavector 17DII.

Any other suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Hi Dave-
I can highly recommend the Dynavector, if the Rega phono stage can handle its low output. The 17D2 is extremely dynamic, rhythmic, detailed, and non-fatiguing. I think the Goldring sounds quite a bit "muddy" and non-dynamic compared to the Dynavector, especially in the low end. Wait 'till you hear a slap bass with the 17D2. You'll love it! I haven't heard the Koetsu, but I'd like to someday. A lot of AudiogoN members seem to really like them. Maybe next time. :-)

Good Luck,
I'm using a Denon DL 103-D, which they're still making after decades, and sellng for only $229, in a Rega 25, and I think it's the biggest steal in audio. Comparable to Koetsu Black but can you get them new these days? The only way to reach Denon that I know of is by phone: 310-974-1010. I'm grateful to the Audiogon member who put me and others onto this bargain, and am happy to pass the info on. Spen what you save on an Express Machining Heabvy Weight, and you'll have some fine LP sound.
I own the Sumiko Celebration and the Benz 0.4. The celebration is really a fine unit .
I own the Sumiko Celebration and the Benz 0.4. The celebration is really a fine unit .
You really owe it to yourself to check out the Shelter cartridges. Direct from Japan, the 501 Mk2 goes for around $650 and blows anything near its price range (and many quite a bit above it) away. I know RedRose Music in New York and Wavelength Audio are both selling them. You can get more info by doing a search, or checking out www.
What kind of price range did you have in mind?
Thank you all, for all of your recommendations.

Franks; I can get the Koestu for $1,500.00, so I'm looking at that as the top of my price range.
How 'bout a Van Den Hul Frog ($2500) for less than $1500???
I know somebody who can get insane deals on them.Also look at 2Juki here on 'Gon.He has the Ortofon Jubillee ($1800) for $750 new (but not sure if new is new or re-tip- his prices have big swing even within a single brand)
Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. I settled on a Dynavector Karat 17D, keep you fingers crossed for me.