MC Cartridge Recco's

 I could use a little help.

It appears as if this is the system I will be working with.

VAC 160i Integrated with MC Phono Stage
Sonus Faber Olympica III

I will need to get a TT/Arm/Cartridge. There are lots of great options in my budget for a TT but I am not very educated on a good cartridge I should be looking for. My budget for a cartridge on the resale market (audiogon etc) is about 1500.

I listen to guitar based music. Rock/country/folk

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance,
Ross - Based on your integrated amp's phono input being MM only, (unless you're planning to get a separate phono preamp), then if you've really got your heart set on a moving coil cartridge, then you're basically limited to a high-output moving coil.

As far as your budget, you'd be pretty hard pressed to find any HOMC's that cost as much as $1,500, particularly in the used market.

That said, there are plenty of options available - you might start looking at offerings from Dynavector, Sumiko, etc.  Perhaps you could poke around at the different brands available that offer HOMC's (needledoctor is a good source), and take a look through the reviews there and narrow it down to a few that look interesting to you and then come back for some further suggestions?

Also, your choice of tonearm may also factor into the decision so keep that in mind as well.

Take care

My VAC has been upgraded to a MC phono stage. So I will not need a seperate phono stage. 

Why am I limited to high output? Would a lie output be a bad decision?

thanks for responding. 

Ross - Didn't realize that you had an MC input since the specs for your amp indicate MM only.  

"My VAC has been upgraded to a MC phono stage. So I will not need a seperate phono stage. "

That's not always the case. You may want to check with VAC first. Just ask them if its OK to use a low output cart. They'll know exactly why you're asking this, and it will be a yes or no answer. Since you are using tubes in your phono stage, you need to be extra careful because you're are asking a lot from that phono stage if you go with a LOMC.

To me, buying a cartridge new is the way to go.  No reason, I just feel more comfortable doing so.
agree very much with the recommendations above by raul

other solid choices would be AT ART9 or a used Benz MC in your price range

+1 also to double check your phono gain - make sure you have enough for .3 or .4 mv ...some MC stages do not... that would be a nasty (and expensive) surprise to address
@rosscobbaz: This is other very good choice: 

Shelter models as the 901, 901MK2, 90X, 7000 and 9000 and between other things shares a great powerful and detailed bass range that is something to listen it and that cartridges at top prices can't beats.