MC cartridge rebuild

I'm planning on doing some upgrading on my turntable. I have Linn LP 12 with Valhalla PS, Ittok II arm and Troika cartridge. I like the Troika, but it is due for a rebuild. Should I send it to Linn (even though I understand they farm the work out) or to another company for the rebuild? Any suggestions for other rebuilders?
I would send it to Linn, unless you know who they send it to, and can guarantee that they will give you the same specs as they do for Linn. I don't know who they send them to. Troika is a very good cartridge.
It costs about $600 the last time I checked. Basically, Linn will return you another (different) Troika that has already been rebuilt. You don't get back the your original one. I don't see it as a problem.

IMHO, a great deal. Since the lowest cost retip would be $3-400, and retipping is not equal to rebuilding.
I understand that Linn is discontinuing the rebuilds of their older cartridges. You may wish to jump on the exchange option while it's still available.

Try "The Cartridge Man" in UK!

Or Van de Hul in Holland.