MC cartridge input - Lyra Delos or AT Art9 (or higher AT)

I have a well isolated MMF9.1 Turntable with a highly revealing downstream system with Classe power and Dynaudio C1s and a subwoofer.  It sounds great with the old (came with the used table) Lyra Argo cart.  I am looking at upgrading.  I like the great imaging and air that I get with the Lyra cart.  It blows away my digital efforts.  I am thinking of switching to a new cart so I can track the age and condition and get an upgrade at  same time.  I am thinking of either getting a Lyra Delos or a Audio Technica ART9 or similar AT cart.  I was wondering if anyone has heard a ART 9 (or the anniversary editions in price range of Delos) and compared it to the Delos.  How would you characterize the sound comparison.  I play mostly pop, rock and folk.  i have scoured the internet but found little to hang my hat on.
Have read this thread already?

Morr insoght on the ART 9.
Thanks tablejockey.  I had seen this and it was partly why I am interested in the ART9.  I was just looking for any more direct comparisons for the well reviewed Delos, and the ART9 that has minimal coverage.  I have not had a Lyra Clavis or any of the others mentioned.
I would say go with what you know. You like Lyra a lot? stay on that path and you cant go wrong IMO. The Lyra and the ART are going to sound different, not one better then another, so why jump to something you may regret later when you know the Delos is what your ears want.

Matt M
Solid advice Matt, and that is certainly where I will go if my research shows AT is less accomplished for a similar rig, at the same or less price point.  Just wondered if the economy of scale and advanced design claims could be what is causing some of the buzz. I will be with the cart for a while and want to get any A/B type input.  Difficult though as AT does not market their full catalog equally. 
Price difference between the 2 is significant, so comparing the 2 may not be ideal. Having heard both, the "value" cart is the ART 9.

Subjectively, the 9 more neutral. Delos has the " focus" knob turned up a  couple notches. Also the "tint" bumped. TV  analogy is the best I can describe difference. 

Cost difference was the deal breaker when I was seriously leaning toward Delos, which at the time was $ 1600.
That is very helpful tablejockey - thank you.