MC cartridge for Thorens TD147 & Mcintosh C200

Having recently acquired a Mac C200 preamp I resurrected the Thorens TD147 that was boxed up for ten years. The cartridge is shot. Looking for feedback on cartridges that are compatible with the 8.5 gram cartridge weight limitation of the TP16 tonearm and the built in MC phono amp in the C200. Budget around $500.
currently using a 147jubilee with a tp16 arm and a sumiko blue point #2. its outstanding and its only $300. my pre's are a mac c22 ll and an accuphase c200. i also would suggest the blue point special which only enhances the character of the #2 which is very articulate. the c200's phono stage is one of the best, including separates up to 2k. the stage is huge, and no hint of congestion in the mids for rock or orchestra. the grado prestige gold is a great mm alternative for the money, but i prefer the sumiko.
as the MC-stage of the C200 includes an Ortofon-built step-up transformer with an impedance of 10 ohms, you will be fine with any traditional Ortofon-cartridge with an internal resistance of 3-10 ohms. I myself use Ortofons with my C200, with fine results. If the Sumikos offer low internal resistance values as well, that might be an alternative. You do not have to limit yourself to MCs, however. The MM-section is first class, too. I tried a Music Maker III, with excellent results.