MC cartridge for ortofon verto step up?

High everyone I have finally bought a lightly used Ortofon Verto step up transformer for my Cary audio SLP-98p preamp and new Rega RP8 turntable. Though Im stuck in a hard place for a new cartridge I have nailed down the search to dynavectors. And most important the one Im looking at getting is the 20X2 for a $1000 Canadian dollars. Though my dealer through in the option Dynavector 17D3 for $1500 all in. My only concern is it has a Diamond cantilever. And my living room tends to get very dusty, no matter how clean it is. So is the Dynavector 17D3 that much better then the 20x2? Or can it break easily when dusting it off? Also what are your thoughts on these cartridges working with the Verto?
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