Mc cartridge and phono amp

Hey all, i'm new here and i want to replace my cartridge (440mla) to mc cart for 1000$ (and below) and phono amp thet can hold it very well.
My turntable is RPM 5.1 and i'm whant it for rock music like pink floyd, zeppelin, hendrix...

(sorry about my english)
Well - its a bit more than a grand - but you'd be hard pressed to find better

The Liberty B2B-1 - and yes I make them, and proud of it :-)

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40 dB of gain is simply not enough for a low output MC; you need at least 56 dB for a 0.5 mV cart. Can you not increase the gain on this, especially at this price point I don't see how you can be competitive, no matter how good it sounds. I was taking a good look at this phono pre and then the gain was a "show stopper" for me.
So what do i have to do?
In this price, MM or MC ?
Stevecham - See the specs from the Stereoplile review below

Description: Overall voltage gain: 44dB or 64dB, depending on internal setting.
Personally I dont think your turntable is up to a good MC, you would be better to put all the money into a good phono stage that will last several upgrades, and do the TT later. If you must upgrade your cartridge I think you would be better off with a high quality MM until you upgrade the TT/Arm.
Dover's advice is good. Check out the thread on MM vs MC carts. Although another option would be one of the reported high value MCs like the Denon 103R which can be modified/upgraded later. Disclaimer- Never heard the Denon, but back in the day that I listened to lots of rock, I was very happy w the Signet TK 5/7 carts which I see from time to time on this board.
OK, from experience here's what you might want to consider for a $1000 budget. I have auditioned at home or owned these carts and phono pres that I think will work with you RPM 5.1.

Grado Platinum Statement $350: MM, actually moving iron, I had one for several years and this was my first high end cart, great tracker.
Sumiko Blue Point No 2 $399: MC but a great tracker and one of the best for entry into MC and this would work well with your Project table.

Phono Stages:
Musical Fidelity V-LPS MKII $189 for either MM/MI or MC. I demoed one of these not too long ago and it was sweet and balanced, a great bargain.
Cambridge Audio Azur 651P Phono Preamp $229 for either MM or MC. Great budget pre amp.

The above combos for well under $1000 new and will match the performance of your table and arm.
Only now i see my huge mistake !

I meant:

1000 $ +/- = MC/MM

1000 $ +/- = phono stage

600$ +/- = cleaning machine

I hope now it's all clear :)
So far with my experience....

Phono stage: Used Herron Audio VTPH-1mc (if you can find one)
Cart: AT OC9/II
Cleaning machine: HW-16.5

Total should come in on budget.
Unless you are planning to eventually upgrade your table as well, my recommendations still stand as I believe they are balanced relative to the quality of your turntable. Use the extra money on VINYL!!!

And HW-16.5 is a no brainer, you gotta have one!
So what do you think about ortofon 2m black?
Is it Really the best options for me or should i have to look for other cart (MM/MC) ?
The Ortofon would work, good cart.

Or get a tried and true Shure M97XE for $89.99; a solid performer, exceptional tracker, lauded the world over, and be done with it.

You have to read the entire white paper to get the full scoop on the Liberty Phono Pre. The total gain for MM is 44dB and 64dB for MC - if you get two of them, running them as differential mono blocks you are looking at 50dB for MM and 70dB for MC. (Gain in the input amplifier is either 20dB or 40dB, add that to the output amps 24dB and you get the total gain)

I run a good old Ortofon MC 70 (among a bunch of other carts) which only has 0.125mV output and the Liberty have no issues driving the system to full listening level.

So please take a look at the Liberty B2B-1 again.

Good Listening

If 64 dB is the actual gain for this phono pre for MC then all is well. Thanks for the update and correction!