MC cart recommendation max $2000 for 1200G stock

I have a few MM carts and just one Denon DL-301mk2 MC
I was wondering what would pair well with the 1200G stock tonearm and my Atmasphere MP-1
Neutral please I don't need anything warmMainly playing LP After the 70sModern carts not vintage ones

Would such cart also could be a match for a FR64?
@chakster thanks
@jasonbourne52, I am using it, I think it's a good cart, been using it since 2016, thought I could add at least one more MC
And yes the MP-1 runs great with LOMC, with MM does good too but the gain is high, which reminds me and I think I asked Ralph but don't remember, if I could just remove 1 or 2 pairs of the 12AT7s from the phono section to lower the gain with high output MM
I run an AT33Sa on my 1200 MK2 (same mass tonearm as yours) and it's incredible. It's a perfect match as far as I'm concerned.

cartridges i have used on my GR in order

Lyra Delos.  Amazing in all areas.

Ortofon Cadenza Blue.  good dynamics but lacks the soundstage, detail and refinement of the delos

Audiotechnica ART9XA.  Would have been a winner if i had a SUT.  The ART9XI is safe bet. 

Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star.  Overpriced and does not compete with the ART9.  Big dissapointment.