MC Cart. - Frequency of De-Magnitization/Best Way?

I'm enjoying my first-ever MC cartridge - an Ortofon Jubilee. My question is: how often to degause (sp?); how do you know when? And - - what's the best way?

Also, any words of "caution"? Many thanks!
Several opinions here. I use the cardas sweep record. About every 1-2 weeks. It helps and it's a cheap way to go, about $29. Also, ultrasonically cleans the sylus. That part you can see the junk falling off, and my records are pretty clean to start with...

PS, I use a Lyra cartridge.
I have never de-magnetized my MC cartridges.

Never felt the need, as I never heard any "veiling" occurring from magnetizing effects.

Also, Van den Hul specifically states this is not a "safe" thing to do to your cartridge, as repeated de-magnetizing can weaken the power of the magnets, and actually cause the loss of resolution that you are trying to prevent by using a de-magnetizer. He also may reject your cartridge from his cartridge rebuilding service, if you have repeatedly done this to your cartridge.

While I am not sure that this is a big problem, I would not consider this a prudent thing to do, unless I had a noticeable "veiling" effect, and it was worth a try to reduce it. In any case, I wouldn't do it, but maybe once during the life of the cartridge, if that.

Others may disagree with me on this, but I don't hear this problem happening on my systems, even though I know it supposedly "sneaks up on you".
Thanks for the info, Jfrech and Twl. A further question on the Cardas LP Jfrech mentioned and which I've seen advertised: how does this LP "work" as far as de-magnetization is concerned? I can understand how it cleans the stylus, but not how it - or any vinyl LP - can de-magnitize.

For the time being, I think I'll take Twl's advice, remembering first, "to do no harm." Thanks again!

The cheapest way: