MC Cart for Thorens 125 with Linn Basik Arm

I just purchased a Thorens 125 with a Linn Basik LV X arm for my office system. The table came with a like new Ortofon MC 10 Super cart, I am very impressed with the set up. Blows away my TD160 with a Grado Gold & keeps up with my VPI HW MKII if not actually a little better.

So the problem I have is that I have a Denon 160 on order that I can not cancel. I can swap the Denon for something else like a 103 or 301 but I can't cancel the order, originally it was for my TD160. Since I have to spend the money will either of these carts work with the Linn Basik? I know it isn't the best arm but it sure sounds better then the Thorens TP arm. I also know the 103 shouldn't work well with the Linn arm due to compliance & mass but still not sure how that actually plays out in reality. My phono pre won't be an issue b/c I have a Phonomena on the way & it can load just about anything.

So for good old 70's Rock should I stick with the Denon 160, or go for either of the other choices? Is there another cart I should look into or continue up the Ortofon line since I like the cart?
stick with the denon. even your grado gold would sound better on the 125. the 160 is not is good as the 125 or 126...the 160 mk2, and 160 super are close.
Jaybo, no concerns with the low compliance of the Denon's? The Linn arm is medium mass at 11.5g. Would a little headshell weight help?
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Tvad, that is where I noticed that the 160 would not work. I see on paper it won't work but no idea if it will or won't in actuality. I am thinking I should just get the 301 instead of the 160 since it is listed as a cart that will work with the Basik.
I decided on the Denon 301MKII, I know some folks prefer the 103 over the 301 but I know the 301 will work with my arm on paper at least.