MC Cart and pre amp question

I've owned my pro ject carbon turn table for a yr now.  It's my only vinyl experience.  So everything is new to me. I'm using a Heed Questar mm preamp.  I'm thinking about upgrading the cart from the 2m red to a high out put MC cart or possibly a moving iron soundsmith.  Can I do this well with my phono preamp or do I still need a step up? Educate me on why it's good or not good to go high mc or iron with my mm preamp.  Again, I've have lots to learn so please be patient lol. 
Cannot find any specs on line but an HOMC should play just fine since the output should be very similar to most MM carts. With respect to MI carts, some of the Soundsmith carts have low enough output (0.4mv) that you would probably need a step up, but it depends on the overall gain and noise floor of your electronics and to a certain extent, the sensitivity of your speakers.  There are high and medium output MIs from Soundsmith. 
Dear urbskc: IMHO maybe you can take a " better " road an improve your kistening experiences going from the Red to the Black, diferences in quality performance level are important and in the future you can taste the LOMC flavor where you will need a better phonostage.

Now, exist other MM cartridges that are really good, not only the Black but from Clearaudio, Audio Technica, Roksan, Goldring, Nagaoka, etc.

I think you have land to walk about.

Regards and enjoy the music,
Thanks for the input guys.  

HOMC cartridges are designed to be used with MM phono stages so no problem here.  But you may have another problem.  The platter on your Pro-ject Carbon is metal and an MC cartridge may "stick to it"  Ask your Pro-ject dealer specifically what kind of metal.  I know many Pro-ject/Music Hall owners were forced to upgrade to an acrylic platter first when attempting to use a MC cartridge.

Paraneer that's a great point.  I didn't even know this could happen lol.  However, I upgraded the platter to acrylic when I bought the table.  So through luck I would have been ok.  I don't know maybe a step up or two in mm would be better then w a better table I can play w mc.  I don't know if there is any truth to this but I listen to classic rock, well all forms of rock  old school country and blues.  And I was informed by a local hifi shop that my flavor of music plays better or sound better on a mm.  I just want more detail.