Mc C47 or Rotel 1590

McIntosh C47 or Rotel 1590 pre amp ( I know theres a big of a price difference but which would be better overall dollar for dollar)
thanks; I pick C47 in terms of sound but I’m not sure which would be a better buy overall 

You are correct, there is a big difference in price and the reason is Rotel has a conscience and won't charge McIntosh prices for their equipment. And McIntosh can't build their level of quality and performance at Rotel prices. Both brands have very good reputations , performance and build quality. But the value is nested in the selling price, you get what you pay for.
nicely put.. 
agreed....I went from a Rotel RB01092 to a MC252 and am not looking back.  Although, the RB1590 has been getting rave reviews but at $4K retail I would be looking a bit closer at McIntosh. But, I see you are asking about preamps.  I had upgraded my RC1550 to an RC1590 ($1700 retail) and when I got home my wife asked were the McIntosh was, so I returned the preamp, took my RB1582 amp as trade and came home with a MAC6700 - no regrets.  The RC1590 has also been getting good reviews.  
So you had time listening to the 1590 pre + 1582 amp?
Is the  MAC6700 hands down better than that combo?

Theo. are you saying Rotel make good products for the price, Mac is overall better but the markup is higher than it should be?

No, the 1590 was never removed from the box.  The pre I used with the 1582 was the RC1550, which I traded towards the RC1590.

For the money allocated and price point, Rotel makes good products but not as good as McIntosh; you get what you pay for.

Blackjack616, my point is that you get what you pay for. Mc doesn't have a higher margin, they cost more because they invest more. Rotel prices the same way, each manufacture has a cost of design and production factored in and they add a profit margin to establish a price. The bean counters make the calculation required to stay in business. Either brand will serve well, but your decision should be based on hearing what you expect for your budgeted investment.
thanks for that
Yes, my MAC6700 is a better unit than the Rotel combo I had - the music just seems to flow much easier.  But we are talking $3500 vs $6500
I always let my ears be the judge
TO be honest I have a hard time telling these things apart so i mostly let the brand and looks win out in the end. But i haven't really spend to much time auditioning gear, so i can't comment to much.

I would have to bring 2 units into my home and do my own testing to be sure.

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