MC 601 from music culture

Hi all

Anyone heard the mc601 per from music culture (new company from former MBL designer)?
Thinking of using it with Pass amps.

Thanks to all repliers.
I own the MC-601 pre-amp with MC-811 power amps and an MC-501a CD Player. It's fantastic electronics because of the natural sound they're able to offer. I compared it with AYON, AUDIO RESEARCH, PASS LABS... For the price, it bested the whole competition.
Hi all

My original post was from Jan-12 and since then I bought the
MC-601. To my ears this is one of the best values in hiend - a 1st class preamp that based on the same technology as the top of the line preamps from MBL. I consider now also the mc-811 monoblocks. Ibelieve - can you elaborate a little bit on your path towards the mc-811 and especially which Pass labs did you compare it with (I own now xa60.5). I will probably decide between mc-811 and Audionet Max if I decide to let the Pass labs go.
@ Iblieve, Hi, there is a thread asking questions about the music culture mc-501a cd player on the digital threads of audiogon, cheers.
@Icorem : I compared it with the X600.5 amps. For me, it was quite revealing. Many amps gives large bandwidth, dynamics, wideness and depth, but the MC-811 add magic! The sound is so natural that it's hard to describe. If you like the naturalness of the MC-601, the MC-811 is a "reference" in that regard!
I need to capture all the emotion of a good recording and with my MC system, i get that and even more...EVIDENCE!
I love Pass labs as well but the MC-811 is something rare...really.
I'm sure gonna try it soon.
Iblieve - what types of cables do you use with the MC stack (power, IC,SC)?
CD to Preamp : Acrolink DA-6300II
Preamp to amps : Acrolink A-2500II
PC on CD : Acrolink PC-9500
PC on preamp : Taralabs Onyx
PC on amps : Analysis+ ultimate oval
SC : Taralabs omega edge
Cabling cost more than the electronics but this is probably just since MC present heck of a VFM. Sounds like a great setup - enjoy.

MC dealer will do a in house demo for me either today or next week. I'll post my thoughts.
You're right! Cables cost too much but when you find the right electronics, optimize it it's VERY important to get the whole result!
Hope you'll like MC and if you need more infos, don't hesitate to ask.
Actually I had my inhouse demo yesterday. The MC monoblocks topped the Pass xa60.5 in every parameter but mostly in depth and in revealing any note in the spectrum without causing any listening fatigue. This one goes to my top of the list. I wish I could audition the Audionet Max but local dealer doesn't stock it. I wonder,Iblieve, if you auditioned other amps beside the MC ?
As i explained before, many amps are great. None equal the naturalness of the MCs and it's not system dependent cause i tried the MCs on many different systems. Always greater.
The most difficult thing in Hifi is to reveal all the details with liquidity. Only a few electronics can do that.
@Icorem : I had a look on your system. It's quite something!!! You must be tall to reach your LP player?! ;)
Can you give me the price of the MC811 in Israel?
You got to be 6'1" to put a record in my VPI..
Prices here are usually the price in the product's manufacturer country + local VAT (here 18%). I didn't start my negotiation yet so i'm not familiar with the list price in Germany (Is it 16,000 Euro or so ?).
A Iblieve, what Krell model did you listen to, the sound will vary from model in a model line, to a whole different model line, I assure you, I have liquidity beyond whats available, If you build a system very well, All else will fall into place, each part plays a role into the whole out come, synergy is the key, a particular krell model might have not been a good fit for what you already own, you should have went to another krell model, then another, rest assured you would have garnished the fit to achieve utopia when it comes to krell!, cheers.
In France, it's listed 17800€. In Germany probably less due to the lower VAT.
Let me know the price you get, may be i can help you for better... Israel is 220V or 110V?

Are you a dealer ?
If yes - It's common practice here to disclose it...
@Audiolab : I heard ultra high end KRELL mono blocks around 200 000$. It was great but if you compare the price you pay for the KRELLs and the price of the MC-811 mono blocks, the MC-811 are a steal cause you get the same result for a fraction of the price.

@Icorem : not at all !!! I'm no retailer but i know some very closely. Anyway if you buy the MC-811, it's probably better to deal with your local dealer. When i said i can help you with it, it's because i know the retailer's price so if you want to bargain, knowing that is an advantage... ;)
@ Iblieve, what do you mean? Krell has never made any mono blocks in that price range!, the most exspensive krell amps was the krell master referance mono blocks that are discontinued because of their price, $150,000.00 full retail,they weighed over 300 pounds each, that amp was a mid 90s to around 2003 or 2005. the new krell top amps do not even sound remotly as good as those mra amps or the krell kas top model two box amp from 1995!, LOL!, half the new amps do not sound as good as my Krell amp!you can get certain used model krells that will perform to the mc-811 or better for cheap, LOL!, not in the excess of over some $7,500.00!! new is not always better, no matter the brand, I can assure you that,, cheers and Happy listening to you Iblieve.
Thanks for the clarification.
Better for me to hear unbiased info. The MC811 are now at the top of my list anyway...
@ Icorem : Hopefully you're not the kind of guy who buy without listening...
Cheers man!
@Audiolab : You should listen to the MC-811 before guessing on the result! ;)

Anyway, old KRELLs are probably better than new ones, i can't tell cause i never heard the whole range of KRELL amps in the last 20 years (i don't think i'm the only one LOL!)

The KRELLs i heard was 4 Monoblocks around 200 000$ (KRELL representive estimation). It was huge but...TOO HUGE! On a Louis Amstrong sound, it seemed like Louis had a 10ft head!!! Lol!
@ Iblieve Do you still have your mc 601. Put me in touch with your dealer