MC 275 tube amps with what speakers ?

What speakers should i buy to go with mc 275 VI i will have two of them. My room is the den 18 feet long 18 feet tall. Someone told me i might go with some Planer speakers. I need some ideas.
Do you really have 18 ft ceilings?? What is you budget? What are your other electronics?
I don't want to start a fight but Planar speakers with tube amps, even the venerated MC 275 are not the best plan.
Speaker choice is a subjective thing. You would have to tell us a great deal more about your preferences and even then we would be trying to guess what you would like most to be listening to. You see it is difficult at best. Are there any speakers you have heard that you were pleased/happy/delighted etc. with ? Perhaps we could think of similar sounding other manufacturuers and models.
MM de Capo's from Canadian Company Reference 3A. Easy to drive, love tubes and sound fantastic!
Yes 18 feet tall, wanting the new Mc 275 and tube pre I have a great inside with Mc.for great price. 15,000 0n speakers
" Some one told me I might go with Planer speakers "
With panel speakers you either love them or hate them, you have to decide which camp your in. If you don't like them it won't matter what amp you use.
I use a pair of MC275LE's biwired on my now extinct Red Rose music R3's ( second system ). I've also heard them with my Revel Salons ( main system ), a match made in heaven to be sure.
I have read (never heard) that Eggleston Works Andras sound good with these amps (search this and Speaker forum). While I have not heard this specific combination, I will say that the Egglestons are among my favorite speakers. While I own and love the Andra's little brother, Fontaines, I have heard the Andras (previous version) and would upgrade to them had I the funds. Good luck with your pursuit.
Sonus Faber Elipsa SE's. Wow...what a combo that would be.

uhh...definitely not Planar speakers. I've owned 4 pairs of Planars and they love power.
ditto on the sf se's
I have 2 MC 275 mkV. I use them in mono configuration to drive the top end of my Infinity RS-1B's. Plenty of power in my 16 X 26 room.

Rick (RWD)