MC 240 EC 1

I bought a mc 240 amp, c22 preamp and they are in very good condition.I paid $1500 and still have a chance to return them back. I am planning to use them with quad esl 63s gradientsw 63 sub, alphason turntable and vanderhool mc 10 cartridge. I am trying to form a decent high-end system. these are made in 1966. the mc 240 is really looks like very similar to new mc 275 . I will really appreciate if you can answer my questions 1. do you think 35 year old McIntoshs will meet todays high end market standarts 2. what can I do to upgrade them.can you show me a way explained in details so I can follow your recommadations step by step, any help wil be much do I have to invest in them . 3. do they worth this money 4. KRELL KSA 100 AND ELOCTROCOMPANİET EC 1 İS AN OPTİON FOR 2000 BUCKS DO YOU THİNK ı SHOULD GO FOR THEM İNSTEAD OF MACS Thank you very much. İzzet Kohen Fax: 00 90 232 4490967 e mail:
The MC-240 is an outstanding amp, and should not be modified in any way! They sell for about $1000 to 1200 depending on condition. The transformers are truly outstanding, with broad, flat response. The best modification you can do for this amp is the tubes! Experiment to find a combo you like. C-22's also sell for the same price range as the MC-240. Here, it is a matter of taste - some think the old tube pre-amps are a bit dark. You must listen and decide for yourself. Again, if it works properly, do not modify it - the value drops appreciably if not original. Good Luck!
Keep the amp. McIntosh equipment only goes up in value. As far as quality, look at the plate on the side of the amp, take notice of the frquency response. The caps could use upgrading. Go to they can replace the caps with approved McIntosh components. This will make the amp like new again, just as good as anything on the market today.