Mc 2301 amps

I am thinking of upgrading from 501s to MC 2301 amps

i haven't owned tube amps before and would like to know how much heat will the 2301 put out?   Will it be uncomfortable ?

also. Does any body know if they will be upgraded soon

thanks in advance
I've owned the MC 275 and it was pretty cool running and made no noticeable impact to the room temperature.    The same can be said for three VAC tube amps I've owned.   Part of it will depend on your room size.  Suggest you call McIntosh or Audio Classics to get their opinion.
Room size is 14.7 x 12.11.   I own Sonusfaber strads.  Currently using the 501s with c2300 pre amp.  So 500 solid state watts,. Mc2301 tube amps are 300 watts.  But I have been told they sound better with the strads.  I just want to make sure they won't be too hot for the room and that I won't be taking a step backward.  

Thank you you for you help
I haven’t owned MC2301’s so take my opinion with a grain of salt. I own a pair of 501’s and own an MC2012 and MC275. The MC2102 utilizes 4 KT-88’s. I believe each MC2301 utilizes at least twice that amount. In the summer months the MC2102 generated some heat. With prolonged usage the room warmed up considerably. In the winter, I welcomed the warmth, I live in NJ! It was part of the reason I went with the MC501’s. I get my tube fix with my C500T preamp. Good luck,
Thanks Mike
I think it a lot depends on where you locate the amps. I had a 2102 for years and never felt it increased the heat level in my sound room (14 x 20). The amp was elevated off the floor and had good circulation all around. That might be part of the reason why I never felt it made an impact on the temperature in the room---even when I stood pretty close to the amp.
BTW, I preferred the sound 2301s to the 501s on Strads both of which I heard at Stereo Warehouse in NYC a few years back. But many others simply like the 501s better. Any dealer worth its salt should let you bring the amps to your home to check it out. Alternatively, find a Mac dealer that sells Sonus Faber speakers (should not be that hard as both companies are part of Fine Sounds). Listen to the Strads or another high end Sonus speaker with Mac solid state and tubes. You will hear a fairly significant difference and will end up having a clear preference based on sound alone. Then, if you prefer tubes, you can try to make a judgment about the issue of heat which I expect to be somewhat more than I felt with my 2102. In my case, I would have put up with a little heat to get that Mac tube sound.  
Yea I would put up with a little heat, but don't want to get baked out of the room.  Amps would be on amp stands with a lot of room around them.  I'm not able to find a dealer in Dallas with them in stock so I would be taking a chance but I have herd they sound good with the strads

@richardallred You won't notice the heat.  Even if you do, you won't care because of the state of audio bliss you will enter.  The C2300 with MC2301s will rock your world.  To make the most of the combo, I'd suggest you also consider upgrading your DV to the XX2 Mk II, Te Kaitora Rua or XV-1S.  The 2300 will create magic with any one of those and your SFs.  

Enjoy your happy listening!


Your system is very much like mine and I just installed MC2301s with my C2300 to drive my Stradivari.    You will absolutely love be them on these speakers!!!!!  The amps have the control of a powerful SS Amp but deliver a sound stage and beautiful mids to die for.

As for heat, my temporary temperature gauge laid on top of the cage read 120F.   If you are in a sealed room, it will get warm.  But if you have any sort of ventilation A/C, you won't notice!   

Get them!


get a fan.  that would help move the air around