mbox from digidesign...help?

I would like to have s/pdif ins and outs on my computer that has none via USB so I went down to the local pro audio place and they sold me something called an M Box...I hooked it all up and the audio from my computer does not play through it...it comes with protools software and I am beginning to think that I bought the wrong box. I want to be able to play music in itunes and have a digital output.
Any suggestions?
I recently bought something similar called an M-Audio USB Audiophile DAC. I
had to turn my computer off, connect the device to the USB output. Then boot the computer back up. Then I had to go to preferences -- sound -- output -- and select the M-Audio device so the music would play through the USB instead of the headphone jack or the internal speakers. Then, I had to go to the general preferences and click on the device's logo and select the output I wanted, which was ANALOGUE OUT and "24 Bit." I clicked the checks OUT of all other boxes. Then RESTART the computer. Try that.
Here's a page that explains how to set up your mbox....


If you are into home recording at all, you have bought a great little unit. If not, then you probably should look for something else. The quality of the hardware on the MBox is really quite good for the money, but it is designed to operate in the Pro Tools LE environment, and while it can be done, Pro Tools isn't the cleanest interface for straightforward playing of music.

Tom -- what do you consider the cleanest USB or Firewire DAC interface?
Well, for under $80, you could get the M-Audio Transit, which is very small and portable, but leaves you with 1/8" mini jack connections, if that bothers you. But you also get a digital optical output. In truth, the Creative Labs Audigy 2 External, while made more with the gamer in mind, is not bad, either. You could get the MBox to work, and it would sound great, it just wouldn't be as intuitive. I have a Digi 002 system, and it kicks, but Pro Tools LE can be a bit system finnickey. The Mackie Spike or the M-Audio USB Audiophile DAC recommended above could work, too.

I have the M-Audio USB Audiophile. It sounds good and is an improvement over using the headphone out, but I am always looking for improvement. I'm curious about the Apogee Mini-Dac, or other ways to take a digital feed from my computer and convert it to analogue.
I had forgotten about the Apogee Mini-Dac. Great little unit! Well worth checking out.

Going through a catalog last night, I came up with a couple of additional options that you might want to look into:

Aardvark USB3
Edirol UA1X (this seems like the best option, to me)
Edirol UA1D
Edirol UA5

The UA1X sells for under $80, and is a 16-bit/44.1 kHz USB audio interface with stereo RCA I/O as well as digital SPDIF output (and a headphone minijack). The UA3FX and UA5 seem to offer better A/D-D/A converters, but might also incorporate features that you don't need.

And the more I look into it, the M-Audio Audiophile USB does look like a very nice unit, though again, it is packaging some features that you don't really need (though not to the same extent as the MBox).

Good luck, Tom.
i have a power g4 and a digi001. i was running os9 and protools 5.0. I recently upgraded to 10.2.8 with protools 6.0 and the protools doesnt work. does anyone have any suggestions?
Tombowlus - I modify the Transit to have coax S/PDIF output, so the Toslink can be eliminated. I also can add a Superclock2 to stabilize the clock.
Steve N.

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