MBL6010S vs Vitas SL101

I am considering a preamp "upgrade" from the MBL6010D and am wondering if anyone has any direct experience comparing it to the Vitus SL101 two box preamp. From everything I hear, the MBL takes a long long time to come into it's own, to break-in as it were.........so if you are able to comment please mention whether the units had serious hours on them or not! Tks.
Late night and sticky keys: MBL6010D and VitusSL101.
The SL 101 is a one box pre which has been discontinued. Is it the MP -L 201 that you are taking about?
Hmmm, well not sure! I thought there was an SL100 that was one box and the SL101 that was two! Obviously I'm off on that, thanks! So, then bottom line...........does anyone know how Vitus compares with MBL? Any Vitus you like........seems like there are not many people who have heard both, so I will take feedback on any Vitus vs MBL preamps. Tks.
I can solve one part of the equation... I have no great exposure to MBL 6010, except at a dealers show room , so I shall refrain on commenting about it. The Vitus SL -101 is one however that I had in residence for close to 2 years. I found it be a very smooth operator. Just the right warmth to it's tone , but resolving and resolution to match at the same time. It was exceptional at portraying the inner shadings with a wide tonal palette . While it may not be the last word in speed from a Macro viewpoint , it was rhythmically supple to keep time in a most satisfactory manner. It must be noted that above comments are made with it driving a matching Vitus power amplifier. Cheers !