MBL Transport 1621, n DAC 1621 , need review???

Can anyone pls let me know ur opinion abt these 2 expensive Transport 1621, n DAC 1611D. Desparately looking......please.Many Thanks!
I too have been extremely interested in a user review of these pieces as well as other mbl equipment. Any one own any MBL gear?
I own the MBL 1521 transport, half the price of 1621. It is very musical and transparent at the same time. It is superbly built, long lasting and very nice to look at.
I've got the MBL CDP2 and have heard the 1521/1511D combo with Jeff Rowland Concentra II Amps. I'll have to agree the presentation was very musical and smooth, thoroughly enjoyed the experience.
Quite musical. Best Soundstaging in the business. I'm thinking about selling the pair I have if you are interested.