MBL: single 9008A to drive 101e - bad idea?

I would really like to buy a set of MBL's (101E mk2 + a pair of 9008A's) but my budget is a bit tight for now so I am considering buying a single 9008A for now and adding to make a pair later on. I know that using a single 9008A in stereo mode is not a recommended setup because of the degradation in sound quality, but this is really all I can afford for now. Or is this a really bad idea?

Theses are my choices, any help would be greatly appreciated!

1. 101E mk2 + one 9008A + 1531CD + Denon AVR 3808 as preamp
2. 111F + pair of 9008A + 1531CD + Denon AVR 3808 as preamp
3. 111F + pair of 9007 + 1531CD + 6010 preamp
4. 111F + single 9008A + 1531CD + 6010 premap
or any other ideas?

Thanks so much!! =)

FYI My listening music is usually vocals and classical, and my listening setup will be in a pretty open space 5m wide x 12m deep
Clickster2, what actual gear do you own presently? If it was me I would buy the 101E MK2's and work around them. I have not heard these but own 101E's.

Is it your goal to own a all MBL set-up and how long before you feel you will be able to make further purchases?

Just to give you a heads up, you might want to confirm the polarity of the 9008A because what I recently learned from another member is the polarity is reversed and the amps are ideally manufactured to pair up with MBL's own pre-amps. I have not gone into detail to confirm as of yet but when I had a pair of 9008's using my ARC REF3 pre I preferred the sound when I pushed the button on my pre to "INVERT". I am not familiar with the Denon pce you make reference to.

In closing I would not get one 9008 amp, actually I did not like them paired up with my MBL's but your outcome might differ.
Since you ask and have 60m2 for listening, I join Dev in choosing the 101. If you like their amps then by all means get the stereo & listen at moderate amplitude.

Ultimately, however, you'll be let down by the pre (the Denon is OK as pro).
So, I would suggest you consider cheaper amplification for now. Buy anything that's half way decent; a 500W cav, for example) and do some research work on the pre.

I find that cheaper amps can always be used later on; for subwoofers, second systems, etc...

Remember, classical is difficult to reproduce!
I have the MBL 101Ds and a pair of 9008A amps along with the 6010D pre-amp. My speakers are very similar to those you are contemplating buying so hopefully my experience will translate. If I were you I would buy the 101Es. You REALLY need the mid/low Radialstrahler driver, its a huge step up from the models further down the range. However to drive that guy you also REALLY need the 9008A. I've used Spectral and Spectron amps previously with these speakers and the MBLs are a huge upgrade. I've read that the 9008A amps were designed specifically to drive this speaker. If funds are tight then buy a single 9008A. The sound may not be optimal but it will still be fantastic. Feel free to contact me directly if you want to discuss
Most of european components have different hot pin on xlr-s
Teddy_bear do you know if this would also be true for say with my ACCUSTIC ARTS HYBRID TUBE DAC which is made in Germany?

I use the AES "XLR" digital connection from transport to dac and balanced "XLR" outs from the dac to my balanced "XLR" in's on my ARC REF3 pre.

Is there an easy way to find this out with out contacting the manufacturer.

The product distination was to be used in the USA and Canada.
Thanks everyone for the advice! =)
I'm currently using B&W 803D's with Pass Labs X250.5. It is my goal to eventually build up an all MBL system (perhaps within a year or two I'll add the other 9008A and the 6010D pre...)

Dev: When you said you didn't like the 9008A's paired up with your 101E's did you mean that you didn't like it when used in stereo mode, or just didn't like the 9008A's with your 101E's (in mono mode) to begin with?
Hi Clickster2, I demoed a pair of broken-in 9008's in my home and did not prefer them. That being said there could be reasons for this, firstly I did not have a MBL pre-amp set-up with them but instead my ARC Ref3. When I was listening I preferred the sound when I pushed the "INVERT" button on my remote to change the phase for the AR pre. I have been told since by another person that product from Germany (using XLR connections) are wired differently then say US made product such as the AR Ref3 pre. which I had hooked-up in balanced mode.

So this would have a major role in the sound so I would think. Also I was using cables of what I had (Stealth, Indra Ic's, Dream PC's and SC's and Sextet AES digital) and did not do any cable changes so all that being said I'm not totally convinced now of my findings. Other MBL users recommend not use silver with the speakers and all use different cables than I do.

I will say other amps I had on hand I used the same with and never had any issues what so ever. I believe the biggest issue here would be the phase issue and if this is true, I have not done any research to find out due to just actually learning about this. If this is true with the amps then the same would go with the pre and all other gear that everyone out there is using and mix and matching with non German made electronics.

Hope this helps, I also had Pass X600.5's with them with no issues what so ever, Cat JL3 Sig. MK2 mono blocks also with no issues and preferred both over the MBL's.

In closing the MBL's are my favourite speakers period and anything you put with them will sound great. If I was you I would look at other alternatives for amps and save large, Spectron mono blocks, Nuforce and others. Do some home work as others are using them and did comparisons already but still listen for your self.
AES/EBU is not a problem just line level. If you chose to go mbl all the way, then there is no problem.
I would choose 2 9008A, or if you could buy 2 9011 with 6010, that would be excellent.
You know you should contact GTT Audio's Bill Parish, he has got lot of experience with 101E.
Teddy bear, I have a Accustic Arts Hybrid Tube Dac (made in Germany) connected using it's XLR outs to my Audio Research Ref3 pre to the XLR inputs. Do you know if the outs on the AA Dac are reversed (same situation as MBL amps) as per the line levels of the amps.

Teddy bear do you know if there is any difference sonic wise between the 9008's and 9011 besides power.

Teddy bear, the pin declaration of the balance input / output (XLR) of my Tube Dac is;

Pin 1: Ground (sheild)
Pin 2: Non-inverting (hot;0)
Pin 3: Invering (cold; 180)

so my understanding is this is okay and is a match set-up with my Audio Research Ref3 pre.

The difference with the MBL 9008's XLR pin declaration of the balanced input is that Pin 2: is Inverting so to use this amp properly with my AR pre I would need to have only one end of my IC re-terminated with the Pin 2 and Pin 3 reversed correct?

Am I correct in my findings.
Dev that's right, just one end.