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I am looking forward to purchasing the 116's and want to know more about this co. before I make the purchase. I am hoping I get some feedback from actual owners. Some of my concerns are which amp will work well and do I need to look for certain characteristics in the upstream electronics. Also what about set up and room characteristics. All comments are welcome pertaining to this speaker. thanks
HI, I own the MBL 116. Like most people, I was wowed by the out of reach 101E that knocked me off but cost is prohibitive. I thought I would just settle for the 116. I went to audition the full Nobel Line of 8011S power amp and 5011 pre-amp set up with the 1531E CD player. I was blown by the beautiful dynamic range of an ordinary Nat King Cole CD.In the end, save for the CD player, I got an MBL setup and now await for the CD player which I am saving up for. MBL is sought after here in Asia despite having no ads but is reaching out to more now with MBL America and the ads in audiophile magazine. No regrets at all with my MBL purchases. Cheers
It's the best speaker in the world for the money!
Why beat around the bush, buy them now and start enjoying the music!
As an MBL retailer you have a professional and ethical obligation to make that disclosure when posting opinions such as yours.

Wouldn't you agree?
Just bought 101e's two weeks ago, and then bought the 6010d. They need power! Did I mention they need power? I really liked the 116s too, however, personally I thought the Usher BE's had their own advantages at a less expensive price point. I think the 116's would benefit greatly from a sub whereas the BEs don;t need one. MBLs aren't real efficient,did I happen to mention their amps will need cojones? I am running the 101e's with VT100 on the bottom and MC2000 on top because that is what I have, but therein lies the next upgrade as the dynamics are restricted.

As far as room considerations, I have an entire wall of glass, with a brick fireplace behind them, and they still image strongly, they sound great considering slap-echo is a mild term for what I have in the house currently. I've had JMLab Alto BE, Sonus Elector Amators, WP6.0's and Revel Studios in this room, the MBLs are by far the least affected by my "acoustics".

One other comment I forgot. The importer, Peter Alexander has been beyond helpful, quick responding and a true gentleman. Couldn't ask for more!