mbl classic line

I recently bouhgt some mbl classics line components and I thought I would share some impressions. There isn't too much written about these for some reason.

Here is some background.
Preamp = mbl 4006
Amp = 8006B
Cd player = 1431
Speakers = Gallo 3.1 reference
cables = Anti cable speakers wire and Audio Art ICs, all balanced XLR tpe.

I hooked it up started to listen to a few famliar things.

Oscar Peterson "Night Train" - imaging is very good, cymbals on the trap set are well balanced and near perfect to my ears, string bass solos have a real depth to the pitches.

Copland - Rodeo Suite, Fanfare for the Common Man etc. Eric Kuenzel, CSO, Telarc - again very good imaging with a good sense of depth of sound stage and good delineation of instruments.

Diana Krall - S'wonderful track from her CD of blues type pop songs - excellent tamber to her voice, you can hear how it was mixed in the studio, that might good or bad for some people

Overall this system, for the money, is just about the best sound I've ever owned. I've had McIntosh and ARC in the past and these are very good pieces, but the overall presentation with the mbls just seems to get out of the way.
As with anything you might have a different experience. The sound is both detailed and somewhat on the warm side of neutral but not too euphonic in nature.

So there are my two cents. Anyone else have these pieces and care to add their thoughts?
I demo'd the MBL 8011 monos and compared it to the Parasound mono's; and felt the MBL's were a clear winner with respect to detail; air, musicallity, and base slam. I do feel that for the money; there may be other gear that performs at least as well, if not better. I bought and had the 8011's in my setup for over one year; and recently sold them to purchase the Bryston 28sst's; because I felt I needed more power; and could not afford the bigger MBL line. the bryston's have been a big step up in my system with MBL 111'es speakers; which are much harder to drive than your Gallo's...I thought the MBL's were a bit on the 'dark' side and very detailed; but I was looking for something a bit warmer which I found in the Bryston's...just my two cents; from experience in my set up; with harder to drive speakers than yours. I did like the fact that the MBL's ran very cool; performed great; and were very reliable...I was using a Meridian 861 v4.2 as a processor; not a dedicated pre amp...I think your Gallos sound great when properly set up; glad you enjoy the sound of your rig; and how you set it up...good for you; after all its about pleasing our ears and wallets...

how do you compare your speakers witht theone form the mbl line

Congrats on your new equipment. Sometime in the future you may want to consider the newer Gallo 3.5 speakers. My hunch is they would go quite nicely with your mbl electronics.