MBL amplifier

Does someone use MBL amplifiers? How about the sound quality? How to compare with anothers SS amplifiers?
go to www.highendaudio.com Ted knows as much about MBL as anyone ....
Got a (recent) pair of MBL 8011M. Great sound. Lots of details, very natural, bass and treble are equaly present (contrary to Krell I used to have). They drive a pair of "Prodigy" from Martin Logan without any problem.
I have myself a pair of 8011 M. They are of the "Noble" line from MBL. VERY good amps. Driving big Prodigy from Martin Logan without any problem. And these loudspeakers are especially difficult to drive since mid-range and treble is often around 1,5 - 2,5 ohms. These amps are quite neutral and very progressive in their attack. I mean, when you turn on the volume, at first it seems like all the sound is present but, without any volume. And then, you realise the volume increase possibilities are endless. Without any distortion whatesoever.
I have also listened some times to the big 9008A (in mono blocks). Fantastic sound, MUCH better than a Krell 450MCx, but may be more expensive also.
Hopes it will help,