MBL 9008A vs. Krell Evo 600- Better or different?

I have a pair of Krell Evo 600. I love them. I've not heard the MBL 9008A before but just cant stop wondering if they are better or different? I assume the MBL cost $20K more since they were imported but that does not mean they would sound better than my Krell.
So if you have heard them before share your experience w/ me. Thx.
Hi Nickt,

I haven't heard the new Krells but I did own the Krell FPB200c before upgrading to the Spectral DMA-150 series II, then Spectron Musician III Signature Edition and just this week to the MBL 9008As. I can state without a shadow of a doubt that the MBLs are in a totally different league to all the other amps I mentioned. Unless Krell have manged to completely revamp (pun intended) their house sound I wouldn't think the new Krells come close to the MBLs. If I were you I would schedule an audition as soon as possible. Expensive yes, but indispensible in my opinion
FPB-200c is 13 years old technology. The new Krells sound very different.