MBL 9008A / 9011

My system:
MBL 101 MK2
MBL 6010D
MBL 2x9008A
MBL 1521A/1511F

First of all I love my MBL sound but I know it could be better ! I would like to know if anyone have tried one MBL9011 and liked it more than two MBL9008A as mbl recommend ? I am also considering MBL 1611F with PC or an Weiss 202 Firewire dac with PC. Any one of you out there with experiance and recomandations ?
Wow- you have some great equipment. I hope to own the 9008/6010 shortly. Congratualations.

I have heard this set-up several times times at my dealer, and have been totally in awe and completely blown away. This is a serious set up.

Given the quality of your rig, I am very surpirsed that you feel it could be better. Perhaps its something other then your gear, like your room, power conditioning, cables or speaker positioning?
Hi Arnt m, congrats on your pces, there is allot of info. in relation to MBL101e's already in the system so just do some searches both in the amps and speaker sections. For a starter you could just refer to my answers and questions and you will find allot and then others within the thread you could do the same to get even more..... or type in to buy MBL and scrow down to forum discussions and there you go lots and lots of info.

My personal preference is not an all MBL set-up, I still own my MBL's which I'm really enjoying along with the 1621a transport, I owned the 6010 pre and had the 9008's and 9011's in my set-up along with the matching dac but they did not stay.

It all comes down to a personal preference but I know of many who have mirrored my thoughts, allot going with a varity of amps/pre combo's.

Best of luck and enjoy your journey, mine is still on going. That 1621a I own is collecting dust since I added vinyl to my set-up, need to find a good home for it, someone who will appreciate it. Huge upgrade right there from your 1521a just so you are aware, Teajay another member had the same pce as you and just recently did this, you can refer to his thoughts, he knew there would be changes but not to the full extent that he has now exsperienced.
If you enjoy the general sonic presentation of the 9008, I would guess that the 9011 would be more of a good thing although depending on your typical listening volume, you may not hear a difference. Although I also own 101E (not Mk II) and auditioned them with the 6010D/9008Ax2 combination, I chose not to go with MBL amplification. As Dev mentions, there are other alternatives. Perhaps a greater improvement will be found by going with the 16xx series digital, which is likely an improvement over the 15xx series.
Hey Guys,thanks for your responce and hope you understand my writing!
I have a lot to talk about regarding MBL, but I will start with my visit to MBL in Berlin and their showroom this summer. I heard 101 X-treme and talked to the staff who was very helpfull regarding my system. What I heard was beautiful, but in my home(have worked a long time on placement)the sound has much more live feeling and nearness to voices and instruments as they are there.

I am using wireworld eclipse 5.2 Ic and eclipse 6 speaker cables. Power Conditioning are Audience aR6 on the front, and amps right in the wall.

Last week I tried 1611F and it was very good. I used my 1521A and PC to compare. With PC it was extremly detailed but playing flat and non involving for me compared to 1521A as drive.
I see that Dev and Classicjazz are recommending other amps ? and I also would like to know what speaker cables you are useing ?
What I ment with "I know it could be better" is that there is allways some improvement to a system. In this system small changes can make a lot, but I absolutely love my MBL sound!!!
That`s why this hobby is so fun and music so importent!

Thanks and hope to learn from you guys:-)

Some people have all the luck, some people have all the money, some people have ridiculously great systems that they're still not happy with, while making everyone else so jealous and unhappy...:-(:-(:-(
Arnt m, I would sugest you refer my threads and answers and go through them you will be able to retreave allot of info. I use Stealth Audio cables, two runs of Dream to my speakers.

Here's what Teajay another member had to say about changing from his 1521a to his current 1621a transport.

System edited: Just upgraded to the MBL 1621 reference from its baby brother the 1521. I knew it was going to be better, but I'm quite surprized how much better. The sonics across the board are at least 15 to 20 precent improved, the liquidity/warmth, the microdetails/transparency, image density, and finally the low end is much more extended and powerful. It's really a great sounding piece.

It's going to come down to a personal prefference so really there is no better just different but as per my responce above I prefer driving my speakers not with MBL amps or even their pre which I owned for 2 years.
No no. One 9011 not better. It just adds amplifier sections. My second power cords are not even connected. The review in absolute sound was garbage. 9011s give you more impact with the extra amplifiers on but cause more distortion, it's audible. I tried different amps. From ARC to Halcro and to my ears 90 series sounded better. I effectively am using two 9008's without the extra amps turned on and I much prefer it. I have a pretty big room too. So unless u r a total headbanger stick with 9008's IMHO.