MBL 7006 Integrated. How Does This Amp Sound Like?

I am particularly looking at an amp that has excellent tonal accuracy with speed, PRAT, bass slam and dynamics. I am not into the warm and lush kind of sound. So far the LFD Zero MkIII integrated has exhibited the traits that I like but it doesn't have a remote control, balanced inputs and HT bypass. I was wondering whether the MBL integrated would sound more or less similar to the LFD.

Lastly, apart from the higher power rating of the MBL 7008, what are the differences between the 7006 and 7008?

Any advice would be appreciated.
I've owned the 7008 for four years and am happy with the amp.

But it is not possible for me to compare it to other amps, since I have not tried any others in my system. So I don't think I can be much help.

Personally, I think the 7008 is now overpriced. There is one for sale right now here on audiogon by an authorized dealer, at a pretty decent price, for less than I paid for my dealer demo 4 years ago. But no way would I spend the full retail price of almost $9,000 for this amp. (Even the Pass Labs INT-150 has a lower MSRP. OTOH, more expensive integrateds include the Boulder 865 at $12,000. But with the decline of the dollar I suspect that you get more for your $12,000 with the Boulder than $9,000 for the mbl.)

The 7008 is convenient. It is perhaps the main reason I bought it. It does have a balanced input (and three RCA), but you have to pay extra if you want a second balanced input. I like the fact that it has a headphone output on the front of the unit. IMO, more high-end integrateds and pre-amps should come with a headphone output. It's essential for apartment dwellers like me.

There is a review of the 7008 here (may take a few moments to load) which can describe the characteristics of the amp better than I could. http://www.stereotimes.com/amp051905.shtml

I'll say this. One night my next door neighbors were partying too loud too late, so being a little drunk myself, I thought I'd blow 'em out. I put on "Stairway to Heaven" and turned the volume up full blast on my Krell Resolution 3 speakers. It was UNBELIEVABLY loud. But not one indication of distortion.

Having standmounted speakers, I can't give a definitive evaluation about bass performance, but I have no complaints! I think that my system sounds just great. But how much to attribute to the source, the amp, and the speakers, I just don't know. Overall the tonal accuracy seems pretty fine to me, both on rock n' roll and female vocals.

I don't know the specific differences between the 7006 and 7008. Mbl is rather tight-lipped about their circuit design. I remember they published a white paper about one of their amps once, which I no longer see on their website, and in describing their top-of-the-line amp now, they give a few technical features, then say "Technical secrets that we would rather keep to ourselves."

If you are looking for a high-end integrated with convenient features like remote control, headphone output, and HT bypass, and the reliability and low maintenance of solid state electronics, I think the mbl is a fine choice.
Thank you for the detailed and comprehensive response. It was much appreciated. I have read the review in Stereotimes and the write-up seems to be pretty convincing. I guess the combination between the MBL and Krell Resolution 3 speakers must be a good one since you are happy with it. I presume the Krell speakers are more forward and revealing compared to my Harbeth speakers, hence I am not too sure if the MBL would possess enough PRAT and dynamics to drive the Harbeths to my liking. It is funny that the reviewer mentioned about the Krell KAV-400xi in his last comments on the MBL 7008 and ML 383 which seemingly placed the lesser priced integrated at the same rank with these two wonderful pieces.
the krell would indeed compete and have the character of mbl.
As someone that has extensive experience with MBL gear over the last 10 years(and currently runs an all MBL reference system, I would have a tendancy to stay clear of their Basic line. I've tried several times to get the maximum out of their Noble line and just ended getting drawn into their sweetspot which is in the Reference line.
At a minimum, I would suggest trying to pick up a pair of 8011AM's on AGon for 7-8k, these will offer much more performance than a 7008 int. for not alot of extra $$.
If you can make it to the 9007's, now you talkin', but you need compatable surrounding equipment and wires.
But unless you have the ability to sink some big bucks into their gear(and if you do, it can be very rewarding as their sound is quite unique, especially for listening to live stuff), you may be spending hefty $$ and not getting the performance you desire.
If you want to steer away from anything warm and lush, I don't feel the MBL gear will produce what you're looking for, especially in the Basic line.
As to Jaybo's comments it sounds like the Krell KAV 400xi may offer more of what you're looking for as far as getting the best out of the Harbeth's.
Just one mans honest opinion, as a huge MBL fan.

Hi Jackaroe,
Thank you for your opinion on MBL gear. It has been a privilege to have advice from someone who has had extensive experience with equipment from this high-end German manufacturer. The MBL higher-end stuff is out of my budget, and since you mentioned the Basic line of MBL gear may not give me the sound I seek, I think I need to reshuffle my priorities.

Thanks again for your advice.