MBL 6010D vs Halcro DM10 vs Burmester 808 mkV

Has anyone compared this preamps?
Any comments about built in phono?
There was a recent thread on this; search Burmester for details.
When I had my DM10, I thought it was one of the best phono sections available. As others know from me on A-gon, i am a huge Burmester fan and their fluid sound.
Is it means that Burmester is better as preamp, but phono section not?
What you have now after DM10?
i had all 3 preamps at one time , sans the phono sections.
the burmester 808 was way ahead sonicly of the mbl and the halcro.
Thank you, Ozy, for your comment.
I'm going to buy Tidal Preos.
I got it for audition at my home: Fantastic!
Fairly better the Burmester 808 MKV.

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