MBL 6010D Preamp

Looking for feedback on the MBL 6010D preamp.
In the latest December 2005 issue of TAS, it is a recommended component, and the review says it is the best Pre that J Valin has ever previewed.
After auditioning several preamps, there was no doubt that the MBL was the best to my ears. I think that the ARC Ref 3 is a very good preamp, and for the price could be considered a bargan but so could the MBL. The definition and delicacy with which the MBL 6010D presents the music is not describable. If you are in the market for a preamp of this caliber, find one of these to listen to before making a decision.
By far the best pre I've had the pleasure of audition in my system. I bought it! A significant increase in resolution with an uncanny musical warmth. And it is dead quiet!!