MBL 1531 to 1621a What to expect?

Hello all,

I am looking at the possibilities of a transport change from my trusty MBL 1531, and candidates vary but I'm keen to hear any views from those that have have any first hand experience going from the MBL 15xx series, to the 1621a. I know Teajay has made a similar move, perhaps others too, so any thought's would be very gratefully received..

Many thanks.
Hi Paul,

Hope you're having a good weekend and enjoying your fantastic system. You read my mind in your post above...Teajay. Presume you have PM'd him?
The combination of the CF DAC and the reference MBL 1621a is still the most musical combo I have heard so far. The 1621a does make a big sonic difference compared with its smaller brother. Also, I have gone to a Sablon digital cable replacing the Stealth Sextet which lead to even a more natural/musical presentation in my system.
Hello Lloyd,

Yes, thanks, at last the weather has picked up here,yet I'm hiding away listening Sophie Milman as we speak, my room will be emptied in the next few weeks for re-flooring, inc sound deadening layer etc, so making the most of limited time for music.. Maybe I'm missing something but I could not find a way of messaging Teajay, am I going blind? I recently had to get some reading glasses so I may be, but hey, as long as I can still hear;-))
Hi Paul,

From the AGon Homepage, click on Forums. Then when you are at forums, towards the top of the screen, click on 'Learn'...from there it will take you to a set of options including Membership Directory...look Teajay up and PM him. Generally, the message goes to the persons email account from AGon. Good luck and hope this works.
;-), Thanks Lloyd, much appreciated, pm sent..

I think that like you with your Zanden, it makes sense to try the house sound that you like so much before considering others, and MBL do seem to keep a consistent sound throughout their range, just better at the top end..
Great stuff, Teajay. By the way, if your Sablon digital cable is from Sablon Audio, I know Mark Coles quite well, and have a lot of respect for him. A seriously passionate audiophile who is a very creative designer...I have a few of his power cables and one of his Panatella ICs. Great stuff and seriously high end imho for a lot less money.

Big news for Sablon to surpass Stealth Sextet!
Thank you chaps, most helpful, I will most likely go ahead and try one in my system, the combination of the new DAC and this should be rather nice indeed..!

Update; The 1621a will hopefully arrive around the first week of July, which will time well with re-installation of the complete system after flooring work is complete. Also, this will coincide with the installation of the new rack, which is the first full-on isolation / damping rack we have built. I hope to use the 1531 for a week or two with the new 'Ariya-Sacca' support to asses what this does for a complete system, then bring in the 1621a for comparison to 1531.

Will keep you updated!

great stuff Paul! Look forward to reading all about it!