MBL 1511/1521 Combo

I would welcome opinions based on listening experience regarding the MBL 1511 (DAC) - 1521 (transport) combination. How does this combination compare to other DAC-transport combinations or to one box Redbook CD players in or below its price range?
Kusina, I posted this morning, on the thread titled, Reference DACS: An overall perspective, that a friend of mine had just heard the MBL DAC, not the transport, and thought it was terrific. If you go to the above mentioned thread, you can get some good information regarding how the MBL gear compares to other terrific digital gear and a perspective regarding the different "flavors" in digital front ends. Hope this helps.
I also like to know about MBL 1511 (DAC)and 1521 (transport). Currently I own a Burmester 001 CD player.
Have you audition the MBL? How do they sound?
No, I haven't auditioned them. As far as I can learn, there are no dealers in my area.