MBL 126 speakers with Bel Canto ref500 amps?

I'm mulling over a used pair of MBLs for a very good price (relatively speaking), but I can't spring for the matching MBL amps which, even used, are almost $10K. I'm wondering if my current monoblocks, the Bel Canto Ref500, which put out 500w each into 4 ohms like the MBLs, would be enough power for those hungry speakers and would pair well with them.

Has anyone heard any of the MBL speaker line driven by Bel Canto amps? I'd be very interested in anyone's thoughts on this potential pairing.

Sorry, I realized I put 126s, but the speakers in question are actually the MBL 121s (not entirely my fault as the guy had the model wrong in the ad). I'm going to listen to them soon and would love to have anyone's thoughts on the matching of the Bel Cantos with the MBL 121s or even just the thought of one of the class D or "ice" amps paired with any MBLs.

8 years too late, but better late than never I suppose.. I am using bel canto ref 600 to drive Mbl 120’s.. sounds glorious. The ref 600ms are much better the
Ref 500’s in my opinion and it shows.:-)
I think some MBL amps are Class D. Not the giant steamer trunks, but their "lesser priced"?? line. Pairing with a less expensive (less bling) class D should work very well.