MBL 121: Element durability & model longevity?

In a hunt for new speakers, one of the two final candidates are MBL 121's. Before taking the plunge however, I have two concerns:

1. How do the radialstrahlers age over time? Or, more precisely, is material fatigue in the carbon fiber lamellas a factor with these types of elements? It would be reassuring if someone has had the opportunity to compare a new speaker with one of the same model that has been used for several years.

2. MBL 111 is up to its F revision and the current 121's seem to have been around for a few years. Does anyone have an idea of whether a update to the 121's is on the horizon? Furthermore, what really differed between 111E and 111F, for example?
I'll give this thread a little bump, while also clarifying that in the absence of expert answers, I'd welcome educated guesses too.

While the evolution of speakers is not going at a pace comparable to that of flat screen TV's, I feel a bit reluctant to buy a 5 year old model, especially seeing as new revisions of 116 and 111 were introduced in Munich earlier this year. My reasoning is that even if the current 121 sounds fantastic, a soon-to-be-released update might be even better.