MBL 111F, anyone heard them yet?


I was wondering if anyone has had the chance to hear the new MBL 111F and what were your initial thoughts? If you own them could you please provide any information about what you think are its greatest and weakest characteristics.
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I have not heard that model I have heard the MBL 101-MKII. If I had that kind of money to spend on audio MBL would not be high on my list.
At an audioshow MBL had I think a reference system, it was really bling bling but I think I could come up with a better souding system for half the money. Not saying MBL is bad, maybe the room didn't work for the system. But I have heard better. I think the tweeter and mid don't mix well with ported bass design of the MBL 101-mkII there was a gap between mid and low.
Maybe the 111F doesn't have this problem but I think it will be very hard to mix that mid and tweeter with a conventional bass.
I had the 116 MBL speakers and I loved them .
I recently purchased the MBL 111 F speakers and they are much better than I hoped they would be .
I never heard the older version 111 E but the 111 F are redesigned both physically and internally . Unfortunately for those who own the 111 E which are not upgradeable to the F .
I am ddriving them with a pair of 9008 amps .Using these MBL amps I am sure makes these new spaekers sound even better .
Try some Q-Tips and peroxide for those ears (SORRY, just can't resist a joke) and the MBL 101 speakers will sound like what they are, the best speakers in the world. Sorry, I get sick of hearing people say they can get better sound than MBL for 1/2 the money!
If it were true then fine I am into saving money like everyone, but it simply isn't. I have been trying for 30 years, and spent enough money on various systems (trying to save money) to buy two MBL Reference systems in the process! Sometimes you have to bite the bullet, buy the best sound and be done with it.

I listen to MBL 101E's every day with all MBL Reference preamp and amps + VINYL (your views may not be your fault because you probably heard digital). A vinyl rig on the MBL system is about perfect! PERFECT I SAY WITH NO HESITATION, (however with certain requirements).

1.) The turntable, cartridge, and phono preamp must be appropriate quality to the rest of the MBL Reference system.
2.) Tubes in the phono preamp can also be a great combination, however I am not afraid of high quality solid state phono preamps.

I regularly attend the Opera and classical performances at the Kennedy Center, I can go home and hear the same thing I just heard at the Kennedy Center on the MBL + Vinyl system. Same tonality, same top to bottom integration and just as dynamic, no problems at all that you mention, none!

I am 100% sure of my points above because I have years of EXPERIENCE. I have listened to MBL for years, plus I have attended live orchestral performnances for years.
This is a much better indicator than listening for 5 or 10 minuted at a show, I think you would agree.

The best way to experience what MBL can really do is to forget digital, it is severly hindering the system. I have found that after listening to great analog I can no longet listen to digital. Vinyl is the way to go for your main stream listening. Then if you want to cry like a baby listen to an MBL system with "The Tape Project" Master Tapes on a high end reel to reel deck. The "Master Tape" will then define your music playback from that point on, (I am fortunate enough to have this luxury). If you could listen to this my friend, your thoughts will be quite different!
"Sorry, I get sick of hearing people say they can get better sound than MBL for 1/2 the money!"

mbl 111 is the best I have heard at 3-d soundstage and imaging depth and detail. Dynamics are also very good. 101s are even better I am told. To me, these are major performance factors that when done well open things up to a different level in terms of what one CAN hear otherwise in a recording.

If you are not into the 3-d soundstage bit, then there is no reason to prefer MBL probably. If you are, then they are hard to beat from what I have heard.

There may be other omni designs out there for less that do similar things. The only ones I have heard that can compare are the OHMs, which categorically cost much less than mbl. OHMs may be more neutral sounding and also have a huge and airy soundstage but are designed for eaasier placement near walls than mbl and do soundstage and imaging differently. IF money is a factor and it were me, I'd give the OHM Walshes a listen before dropping the big bucks on mbl. I have owned a pair of OHM Walshes since 1982 and currently own two pair of more recent design OHM Walshes that are highly competitive with the better speaker designs out there these days that I have heard, including mbl.

OHM WALSH speakers are more retro looking while mbl's design is quite modern and contemporary looking.