MBL 101E vs SF Stradivari vs Dynaudio Temptation?

Which would you guys recommend for a room around 5m x 12m for vocals and classical music? I was blown away by the 101e's, but I know they require a lot more power (and in turn, $$$) because of the inefficiency... So I am now considering Stradivari and Evidence Temptation as well...

Thank you very much in advance! =)
Dynaudio Temptation
You can choose whichever and don't worry about the sensitivity: none of those spkrs is a champion of sensitivity and they are all quite big -- i.e. they require larger rather than smaller amps. The MBL might need 2x the power of the others which, at current amplification prices, is not an issue IMO.

BTW, those are three quite different designs and the sonic presentations differ accordingly. Your room is big enough for any of those spkrs (I've said this before). So, the choice is down to whatever tickles your fancy. The Strads tickle mine, but I think the MBL are more complete as a spkr. Plus they're omni which is fun.

Again, the MBL do require stronger amps -- but let's not go overboard with that; i.e. it's not the end of the world. The room is more important. You can buy D amps or those mass-produced behemoths for relatively cheap (think Clayton, CAV, etc)

But really, Click, at the price you're paying invite the dealers over to your home & listen.
At the end of the day, you might even consider active speakers instead. No worry about the amplification the sensitivity etc, etc, the amps are delivered with the spkrs...
What about H2O amps?

MBL's are my favourites and yes I do own a pair, these are most defiantly all different sounding speakers. I have not heard these particular Strads as of yet but will be shortly but any of the related product in the line I have enjoyed, again a different sound than the MBL's.

Temptation's, great speaker and really like it also. I have heard them a few times with different gear, VTL etc. but my favourite set-up was paired up with McIntosh 2KW amps and Mac 1000T pre. at someones home.

I would love to get those 2KW's onto my MBL's to hear what they can do.

After hearing what I have so far I still prefer my MBL's by far, I am looking for at a second pair of speakers but for my designated room. I use to have Avalon Isis speakers in that room, Rockport Altairs are on my list to listen to.

You mentioned that MBL's really blew you away, well all I can say is these are indeed special speakers and set-up properly just awe inspiring over agaian abd again. Every person who has come over for a listen has been awed and some have already made the change. I enjoy hearing other systems as I get to learn from them and find that no one is really wrong just have a different preference which is fine with me.

Make new friends, listen to music, drink and eat how much better can it get then that.
As mentioned, all are quite different from one another in presentation and sound. Amplification is key and no wimpy amps are allowed!

Everyone knows I'm somewhat biased as a Dynaudio dealer, but the Evidence series to me is the best speaker class out there. They sound absolutely wonderful with ALL types of music This speaker can easily adapt to any genre.

Personal amp choices with the Temptations are: Krell Evo, Bryston 14BSST, Parasound Halo JC1 Monoblocks (tight budget consideration), Simaudio Moon W8. Personal favorite is a tie between the Krell Evo and Bryston. Not too exotic in my amp choice, but I don't think you have to with the Temptations.
Verity Sarastro!

Or Strativari from the ones you mention!
Thanks everyone for the advice! After listening to all three choices extensively I think I've come to the conclusion that MBL suits my tastes best. Now I just need to figure out speaker placement... (see other thread I started)