MBL 101E Speakers and Musical Fidelity?

I currently have a Musical Fidelity TriVista 300 integrated amp rated at 350 WPC into 8 ohms and 600 WPC into 4 ohms.

My favorite speaker is the MBL 101E. I was curous if anyone has had any experience or opinions about powering the MBL 101E's with a Musical Fidelity amp - specifically mine.

I know Spectron is a great inexpensive option if my TriVista won't work. But I'd rather keep what I have (I really like it for solid state - I'm mostly a tube guy) and put the money into the speakers. Eventually if the M.F. is limited I'd probably go with a high power tube amp like the Atmosphere or Wotan, or just go for the MBL amps.


Do you actually own MBL 101E speakers? they are 6ohms. The integrated you are referring to will drive them easily but regarding the sound I do not know anyone who has tried.

Spectron really is not inexpensive if you go for mono blocks which would be the route to go, with the two upgrades available list would be around $18K range I believe.

Good luck.
I had some experience in the past with MBL 101b's and exchanged some emails with designer concerning power amplifiers for them. He told me that it is not only the rating that matters, but the type of amplifier itself. CAT tube amplifiers are excellent matches for them, I had some success with the old Mark Levinson ML23.5. There is an audiogon member who uses is pair of 101e's with four low power tube amplifiers, but I have seen 750W amplifiers that can not drive them properly. Unless you have a trusty recommendation, you have to try before committing yourself.
I successfully used a Musical Fidelity kW 750 dual mono amp on MBL 101E speaker. See Micky Fremer's review in Stereophile on this amp and the MBL's.