MBL 101E MKII tweeter attenuation

I am thinking about buying a new pair of MBL 101E MKII. Has anyone here successfully installed (also aesthetically pleasing) potentiometers or volume controls for the tweeters on these speakers?

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You might want to consider some form of equalization of the signal fed to your amp instead, if no one else answers.  While I have always been impressed by the 101's sound and speed, that top end has always bothered me for long-term listening.

rcprince ,

Thanks for your input. I had thought about using an equalizer. I will probably do that using a Behringer Ultracurve Pro DEQ2496. I will use this EQ only on the tweeter sound region on music where the tweeter may sound to hot. I think Roger Sanders uses them on his electrostatics and seems happy with them. Iam going to biamp the MBL’s. To power the top and mids I am going to use a Berning Quadrature Z 200W power amp. To power the woofers I am going to use a pair of Wyred for Sound SX 1000R mono amps. They sound good and have a 2000 to 1 damping factor for tight bass.



You might want to hold off on decisions re: EQ until you've heard the speakers in your listening space.  Few speakers that I've heard sound as radically different in different rooms as do the 101s.  It's not merely room interactions, but the speaker seems (to my ear, anyway) to be designer for a large listening space.  It's hard to predict exactly how they change with more breathing room.  I say, give 'em a shot before EQ.

Your talking about adding electronic EQ to one of the most resolving, and picky speakers on the market ? Why? The 101 gives you adjustability in treble, mids and bass through the internal crossover at a much higher level than most external can provide ! If you are going to biamp them don't go crazy with different amps they sound best with the same amps running highs and lows. And they sound best with MBL amps, sweet on top with power and grunt for the critical mid bass !