MBL 101e mk II :-O

Went to RMAF today and heard these speakers hooked up to all of the accompanying mbl products. Holy good god!! Total price of the system: $271,000!! How much do you think I could get selling one of every body part that I currently have two or more of, besides my ears? Most wicked sounding system I've ever heard!!
Yeah, for when you win $200,000,000. in the lotto...
If I won $200,000,000. lottery, One room would be for MBL for certain.
just get the speakers and then pick and choose the rest of the components you would need. only make sure you can provide a room similar or just as good as the room you heard this system placed in.
As for body part money, you have to go to China (or go underground).
for me i would get the Magico Q7's but i realize i don't have the right HOUSE to set them up in. then again i keep thinking of manufacturers that can accomplish the same goals for 1/4th the price. But i appreciate Mr.Wolf for putting the product out there for everyone to admire. and it's far more sleek and elegant than a lot of the other super speakers being offered.
I have to agree, as I made two visits to that room myself. I heard them last year and it was a room I definitely wanted to hear again. And the larger room was a big plus. But I am way too financially deprived to afford a pair. But if I continue to work and save, they may work their way up my priorities list. On a more affordable note, I was very impressed with the Adam Columns but even those will have to wait.
If you like mbl but cannot afford, consider These, which can compete favorably and come in for a fraction of the cost.

But be warned that once you hear and tune in to a good pair of omnis, it can be hard to ever go back.