MBL 101E and tubes?

I have a pair of Audio Research Ref300 MkII tube mono blocks, rated at 280 watts each. Would they work well with the MBL 101E? I really like the 101E, my only hesitation is whenever I have heard them they were always powered by huge MBL soild state amps and they sounded 'loud' to my ears. I'm wondering if the Ref300 would soften the sound a bit and if they would be enough power?

Anyone experience the 101's with other power amps?
see all my threads... I think you amps would work well with those speakers, just get speaker cables that would speed up the sound like maybe nordost tyres. I had vt100mkii on my mbl's, and if I wasn't trying to assault state of the art, or ran out of money, they were fine, so I cannot imagine that your amps would be all that bad.

amps I have had on mbl101e's
halcro dm-88, dm-68
mac mc2000
arc vt100mkiii
mbl 9008a
mac 501's
which amp did you think was best with the 101's?
The mbls are not that hard to drive with tubes. The issue that you run into is that they are designed for an amplifier that makes constant voltage into any load, i.e. a transistor amplifier.

If the tube amplifier has enough negative feedback, it will be OK. The issue you run into is pronounced output in the 5-9KHz range otherwise. If that happens, its not that hard to set up a Zobel network to take care of it. At that point many amplifiers would suit the bill. Due to the omni pattern of the speaker, they measure as low efficiency, but once in a room, they are not hard to drive at all.
Best amp with the 101's? I think 9008s are good enough, I bought 9011s, but did not even use the whole amplifier.
For tubes, I would have liked to try the VTLs, but "they are at show, how soon are you gonna buy....blah blah" so ran out of patience. Again and again, not just with me, but in other systems I see, it seems like MBL likes MBL.