Mbl 101 extemes.

Has anyone heard their $200k models?
Would like to hear what you thought.
I heard them at las vegas and twice at Munich, very good but for which home?
I too heard them in Las Vegas (2007 CES).

I thought they sounded good, (given the limitations of the room), but for some reason the people putting on the demonstration decided that if they played them really, Really, REALLY L-O-U-D !!!!!!!, that no one would walk away unimpressed. (Or without hearing damage of some sort as well!)
Heard them in Munich. Not as impressed as the smaller ones. I think having the double stack tower limits the propogation of sound of the tweeter in some ways but not sure.
Anyone wanting to read more about these speakers look here:
Everytime I go to hear their speakers at CES, the Germans are blasting Slayer at 200 DB's. They just play their music sooooo loud you really can't go into the room or you will ruin the rest of your day. Its really too bad....
2007 CES- very impressive looking... and then they started playing music. Pink Floyd- Money at ear splitting volume. You had to leave the room. They must use a nuclear reactor to power those things. It was so bad/loud that at no point could you actually tell if they might be good sounding speakers. They drew a crowd though.
The review is finally out! It's in TAS of January.
Reason to play the lotto now.
I bet Valin reviewed them. Wouldn't his room be too small to come to any meaningful conclusions?
Much to small, he barely fitted in the room when everything was installed.
They would have made an impressive set prop in an episode of "Lost In Space" or "Star Trek" or even "Stare Wars". Very cool but very bad WAF!

Are we sure you just listen harmlessly to these? They don't like hypnotize and take control of your mind or anything like that do they?