MB Quart

While only a fledgling audiophile, I have recently purchased a decent system for music and home theater consisting of a Marantz SR-8000 receiver, Pioneer DV-05 DVD/CD player (THX Ultra certified), MB Quart QLS 1030 fronts, QLS 330 Center, QLC 50 surrounds and subwoofer with DH Labs T-14 Bi wired to the fronts. While I know that this does not compare to many of your setups, I have enjoyed it immensely to this point. My question concerns the MB Quarts. I understand that they have an excellent reputation in car stereo circles but their home speakers seem to be little known. I cannot find reviews anywhere and hear virtually no discussion about them. I have found a few reviews on audioreview.com and they are all positive. Has anyone heard these speakers or have an impression of the brand in general? Any suggestions on what the next step in improving my system should be (oh boy, I probably left myself open on that one). Any comments are greatly appreciated.
Hello, Regarding your MB Quart spkrs.-I have a pair of 502's that are a German-made model (medium-sized) that I purchased from Sound City of NY/NJ about one year ago. The salesman that I bought them from them (and whom I have I dealt with several times) said that one of his customers said his pair rivaled a similar size pair of Dunlavy or Snell's that he also owned. My setup is entry-level high-end Counterpoint, Bryston, Citation, Rotel. I am very happy with them w/my system, although at first I thought they were a little on the bright side. If I had my way, they would be on stands, but they sit on top of an entertainment ctr in my medium-sized room. I did upgrade cheapo Monster Cable (XP series) to some recommended Cardas cables (the Twinlink) and have been pretty happy. As you say, MB Quart seems to be largely ignored here in the U.S. for home audio, and I get the upgrade bug quite often-I see Monitor Audio, Proac's, Dynaudio, Totem, etc. spkrs that I wish for but actually it is more out of what "Mr.Jones next door" has than reality. The aesthetics and construction are pretty good, with gold-plated (biwireable) oversized posts, a rubber surround, pretty thick MDF walls, and a beautiful oak veneer finish. Incidentally, I have seen a couple of reviews of ultra high-end speakers in Stereophile that use MB Quart drivers (tweeters mostly)-the one I remember is a pair of $2500 Aerial's. Hope this might give you some peace of mind.
I have two pair of Quart Separates powered by Macintosh in my Honda Civic. The system would be perfect if I could put it in my Leased Accord as the road noise kills a lot of the sound. It is a pro system. The home Quart is another story. I was a consultant and buyer for Sensouous Sounds in Tampa. I liked the full range Quart when used with real front end and Purist Audio Design cabels. Quart is god stuff. I'm running Thiel in my home system. Quart is not Thiel, but it is better than the consumer junk sold at the mass electronic stores.