Maybe tube preamp

My current setup is Tidal; ifi  nano DSD; Parasound HCA 2200 (recent purchase) ; Magnepan 1.7i  

This arrangement sounds pretty good at low volume with most material.  However I think it would benefit from a preamp.  The ifi's output maxes out at 1.3 volts.  I was thinking the warmth of a tube preamp would be a good match for this setup.  Years ago I had a New York Audio Labs setup. I liked it but it save for the noise floor. My HCA 2200 is blissfully silent. 

My budget is about $1,000


If you're still looking within that budget, I just listed a Modwright SWL 9.0se here.  My amps are virtually silent at idle too, and the Modwright is one of the quietest pieces I've had in the system (which might be due to the Bybee upgrade in this particular instance, although I never heard it pre-Bybee) 

Rogue is great as well.  Rogue and Modwright are both on the more extended/dynamic side of the spectrum. Primaluna is relatively less airy/clean/dynamic/extended but highlighting an even more textured, palpable midrange.  At any rate, enjoy the journey, I think you are headed in the right direction with tubes for your system. 
Take a look at Aric Audio's The Unilimited preamp (just under 1K) and Aric @aricaudio is terrific to deal with.
Schiit Freya with a set of TunSol 6sn7 will save you some cash and give you all the sonic rewards you can ask for! 15 day tryout so what do you have to lose?
Thanks all for your great suggestions: I have tentatively narrowed it down to two:

1. The Aric Unlimited suggested by Kalali and David Ten. I like the fact that it is a ’pure’ tube solution. Plus, I like the look of units with their Tubes Sticking Out. Kalali, I notice from another thread on this site that yo have been enjoying this unit for a few months now. Impressions? I am particularly interested in your evaluation of the noise floor. Have you experimented with rolling tubes yet? David, I would ask you the same questions, presuming you own one. Thanks to both of you.

2. c_s: I am leaning toward your Modwright. Although it is not a pure tube setup, I read the 6 Moons and Enjoy the Music reviews and was impressed. It is rare that reviewers pan units, but they sometimes ’damn with faint praise’ as my father used to say. Not so with these reviews, and the characteristics they described were by and large those I am looking for. I also like that it appears to have an Alps or Alps-like motorized volume control as well as a torroidal power supply. I am aware that I need to decide soon if I want the Modwright. I do not expect it to last long at that price

gsselling: I did look into the Schiit. Very nice price. I noticed that people complained about the noise floor, though the tubes you suggest appear to solve that issue. Thanks for the suggestion.

markainsworth, I’ll give you my impressions here, hopefully not too boring for others. I was in your same exact position a few months ago except my budget was a couple of hundred dollars less than yours and Aric’s Unlimited caught my eye, prior to his latest modest price increase. It brought the much missing warmth to my system right out of the box. As noted, its a full tube design and with the exception of a small PCB board for the phone input RIAA the inside is all point to point wiring, very homemade looking. Its not a fancy piece at all and the case, power switch, and knobs, are all very basic but it sounds excellent. Aric is also a pleasure to deal with and gave a list of upgrades that he had tested extensively. I first upgraded all the tubes with what he recommended and the sound quality improved significantly. I then asked him about other upgrades and he suggested replacing the cathode follower capacitors and the specific values and brands. As a novice DIY guy, I took the plunge and changed the capacitors a couple of weeks ago. Fairly straightforward in a point to point circuit. I can tell you this modest looking preamp now sounds like a real high end preamp. I put it up against a friend’s Audio Research LS26 and we both could not believe how great the upgraded Unlimited sounded. It could not match the little tighter/lower bass of the LS26 but we both felt it had warmer midrange and nicer soundstage. Even the upper end drums and cymbals sounded more crisp and sparkly. We thought it was a little what people call more "tubey" but that was the sound I was after. The total cost of the upgrades was roughly $90 for the tubes and $60 for the capacitors.

As for the noise floor, it is completely dead silent, even the phone input, but it has a knob on the back to adjust the output gain to match the input sensitivity of your amplifier or even compensate if you have super high efficiency speakers.

Send me message or email me if you have any more questions and sorry about the long post.