Maybe somebody can help me deciding on a Quicksilver Silver 60

Hi Everybody,

I run into a good pair of Quicksilver Silver 60's and I need some help to decide if I buy them or not. Currently I am using (for my tube gear) a pair of Quicksilver Mini Mites which I alternate with a pair of Quicksilver Mono M60.
My questions are:
- Are the QS Silver Sixty's a noticeable upgrade over my current tube amps?
- How do the QS Silver 60's compare with the Quicksilver V4's (which ultimately is the upgrade I am looking for)?

Thank you in advance for any help.


 I have not heard  Quicksilver amps in probably 20 years. That said, If you really want V4s. Why not just work toward getting a pair instead of buying M60s. Even if that means you have to save a bit more. You can use a search engine like HiFishark to easily search for a pair and have them email you every time a pair comes up for sale. Good luck!
I don’t think there is much difference with the silver 60’s and the M60’s. Take a look!
I think you should wait and get the V4’s .BTW,I own the Silver 70’s and I am a big a Quicksilver fan!
Try going right to the source giving a call to Mike Sanders, I'm sure he would help you suss it out with a straight forward honest recommendation.