Maybe Apple TV will allow bit perfect streaming so

I would love to be able to stream 24/96 tracks from HD through apple TV and connect to my DAC

Here's the address to request hi -rez streaming through apple tv
Does a similar feedback site exist for Airport Express?

I'd like to know what I could do to fix the jitter problem.
Just substitute 'airport express' for 'appletv' in the URL Aberyclark provided,

Does anyone know how to fix the AE jitter problem. Better PS / Caps? Junk it out and start over?
I'm certainly not an expert about this but all the discussion I've read about dealing with jitter, regardless of whether it's an Airport Express, Squeezebox, CD transport or other device, has focused on using an external DAC that reclocks the signal or a purpose-specific device inserted between the output device and the DAC to do the reclocking.