May Day!

I just bought a Marantz AV-8801 pre-pro for my main A/V system and am having two issues:
1. Unit will not recognize DVD assignment to HDMI2.....the factory default is this setting, but I keep getting the
message that a new device has been assigned and am directed to go into the Setup Navigator. It's kind of an
endless loop and the unit doesn't acknowledge that I have assigned the DVD input to HDMI2. The device is
actually a second Blu-Ray player, but that shouldn't matter.

2. Audyssey calibration is not picking up my rear surround speakers (7.2 setup), or the second sub. I have
specified there are two subs in whatever menu it is that applies to that. What is frustrating is that everything works
fine in doing a manual speaker setup, but in Audyssey I get an error message about incorrect phase in the
surround speakers. I had an Onkyo PR-SC5508 pre-pro connected before, and had just run the Audyssey
calibration on it a few weeks earlier with no problems. I checked all speaker connections and everything is jake
with that. Any ideas from other AV-8801 owners? I have owned at least three other pre-pros, so I'm not a novice
at this.
1.  Make sure that HDMI2 has not previously been assigned to another input.  If so, it cannot be assigned to two at the same time and you should un-assign it to the other before trying to re-assign it.

2.  You can ignore the incorrect phase notice as long as you are sure you have everything wired correctly.  
Thanks kr4......I figured #2 out yesterday when I discovered you have to
tell Audyssey about the second sub and rear surrounds. The HDMI glitch is puzzling.....nothing was assigned to it when I got the unit from the original owner, so it should be acknowledging the assignment of DVD to the input, but it's not. I guess I'll try resetting to the factory defaults for the second time to see if that will work.