May as well call this...

I discovered in the cable forum video attachments are now allowed in posts. Ugh.

Get used to it, if you're a fan of Agon being "old fashioned."

Perfect for even more...oh never mind



I call this progress and long overdue progress at that.

Well, if cutesy pics/videos were long overdue, then it's a good thing.

for better or for worse, it is technological progress


a-gon crawling slowly out of the computerized stone age

I've been doing it for years. Only difference is the link used to open YT on a new page or tab. Now we can see not just the link but the actual video. So zero functional gain there. In terms of progress, posting the link is buggier than before. So, as usual....  


Why would pics of some thing help us to understand how it sounds?

A picture is worth a thouands words. Every heard that one?

Pictures are great for dicussing sound room layouts and such. I would also like the ability to add likes (and dislikes) to posts!

Why would pics of some thing help us to understand how it sounds?

Check out the speaker form where the discossion in PS Audio's new speaker. Lots of them decided it looks like it won't sound good.

As you can see....



I see this differently.  To me, it "crowds" the interaction.  Dialogue becomes less direct.  But, why not?  The same trend is all around us.  "Less is more"?  Those values are becoming more and more a thing of the past.  Call me a conspiracy (?) theorist, but I can't help but wonder if the time will come when discussion forums will be phased out of sites such as this.  Intentional or not, like it or not, it changes things.  Why?

Hey nonoise! UPS just delivered a box! What’s in the box?!    



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How do you add a pictutre to a post here?

Just select the picture icon above and then copy and paste your picture into the URL box and click "OK". You can also size it by fiddling with the values in the height and width boxes. Then click on "preview" to make sure it's what you want. 

Easy peasy, and fun to do.

All the best,



"'s just this little chromium switch here....*clic*  You people are So supersticious...."

Cat vids, anyone? 😏

If only they are of Cat Woman asvjerry. We have rules here to abide by, ya know ;-)



I don't look at porn, but naked women are about the only thing I'd like to see.

As expected...

Thanks, @nonoise - I didn't realize one could post photos on here without an actual URL. I used to be a concert photographer in the 1970's; might put some of those up on an appropriate thread....