Maximum VISUAL bang for the buck?

Hi all--

I am enjoying my records just fine with a technics 1200 turntable and a decent sumiko cartridge. I really don't dwell on what might be behind curtain #2 - or if I do feel there is something missing, I just go out and buy more records.

However I am becoming interested in a potential VISUALLY upgrade, to some turntable that is visually striking. The improved visuals should of course not come at the expense of convenience (no desire to remove the platter to change from 33 to 45!). In fact, it would be nice to get semi-automatic operation as well (technics is full manual).

The Micro-Seiki micro seiki ddx-1000 and dcx-500 certainly qualify as stunning in my book. Some of the Luxman stuff is beautiful if a little staid. But of course, I have champagne taste and a beer budget.

SO, are there turntables that come out UNDER $1000 on the used market (inclusive of the tonearm etc etc but not including the cartridge) that have a huge OOOH factor?

Also, I am a fairly competent DIY'er and would consider a project hot-rodding a cheap turntable.
Maybe an older Oracle MK2 or Mk3. Its a great table and still to this day one of the finest looking tables on the market.
I'm trying to figure out your aesthetics.

For "vintage" looking stuff, check out the Lenco ("tables from Home Despot") thread. You drop a Lenco into a nice walnut plinth, you got yourself a classy looking TT that sounds great. And you got lots of dough left over for a nice arm, and possibly even an aftermarket tonearm lift, if that's absolutely necessary.

Dual 1019 and other vintage semi- or fully-automatics would also fall under this category, too.

For more contemporary visuals in the affordable range, I think Pro-ject and especially the Music Halls look nice. I lusted after the MMF-7 before I decided to restore a vintage (
How about the Bix?
I have a micro seiki ddx-1000 with 2 tone arms...and know nothing about it. It is a stunning piece. any info about this would be greatly appreciated. this thing has got to weigh at least 75 lbs or so. I got it from a neurosurgeon about 15 years ago and it has been sitting on my mantle since. Thanx for any info
Check out the Michell Gyro SE for a TT ( that definitely has the OOOH visualy factor and can be had used for around $1000 which is a fantastic price for the sound quality and can be upgraded
michell gyroSE
Absolutely, you guys beat me to it--I may be biased, but the Gyro SE is just a stunning looking TT, You can often find a used, current model with DC motor for 1200 with a Rega arm. They sound wonderful!

Also, the Michell Tecnodec has kind of and elegance through simplicity thing going...$1K new. Haven't heard 'em. Kind of an unsuspended Gyro.

Roksan Radius5 was also cool looking at that price, never heard one.

Typically with these, you switch between 33 and 45 by flipping the belt around on the pully. No need to remove the platter.
There was a Spacedeck on here for $950 the other day, not sure if still available. Pretty stunning looking.