Maximum length of interconnect?

The ideal place for my subwoofer would be approx. 80 feet away from the processer. I will be hooking it up to the "sub out" RCA plug on the receiver. Will this work? Or will the length of the connection cause me a problem? Any advise much appreciated. Thanks ... Vivek
Vivek - I have found, much to my amazement, that Quad Shielded Coaxial cable is not only well suited for carrying line level signals great distances--50-100 feet without a problem. And it does so at a FRACTION of the cost of "high end" cables ... Of course, you will need to fit each end of such cables with RCA adapters: these are available for a few dollars each. Like everything else in high end, your ears should be the final judge. My results, in both full audio frequency spectrum and subwoofer/LFE signal use, have been highly satisfactory--bordering on spectacular. One of the best kept secrets in audio/HT? I know that I would have spent about 3-4 X of the Quad Coax solution. Of course, I just bought more audio gear with the savings ... Good luck. Mark M.
Ditto the first response. Try Canare 4E6S Star Quad cable. Full Compass Systems ( website ) carries this cable in black only. You will have to practice on the termination to RCA ( try Canare F-10's ) but the results are super. Canare manufactures 4E6S in a rainbow of colors but you will have to find a dealer that carries all of them. Happy interconnect making! You'll love the result.