Maximum length for Audience AU24 speaker cable

My Cardas Neutral Reference are designed to run for very long distances without signal degradation. Curious to know if the Audience AU24 has limits as to speaker cable length before noticable changes are evident.
It probably is a wise rule of thumb to 'keep your interconntects long, and your speaker cables short'. Length is less of an issue with the low voltage signal. More so when it has been amplified.

Roughly, a 10awg wire is good for a maximum of 10'. Then a 12awg up to 30'.

Hint: so called 'high $ end' cables (and many other popular components with inferior specs) are produced by 'connoisseurs of coloration' adopting the theory that a playback system should modify the the signal from the source material to create a more 'pleasing' (to you) sound. If however 'true to the original' is your motive, then RadioShack Megacable will do the job. Use the money to upgrade speakers (not bigger necessarily, but more accurate, and room friendly).
After my initial post I called Audience and asked them if there were limitations using a long run of their AU-24 cable. They felt there was no degradation in signal over a 5 meter length. In fact at the recent CES they used a 24 foot length in one display with no problems, according to Audience.
Only to your wallet, 'specially if you bi-wire. Their prices have ramped upwards, and IMO, are in the Expensive Class.