Maximum distance from my monitors

OK guys, here's the scoop. I have my speakers set up in a way less than optimal position. I'm sitting in a pefect triangle, however, I'm just six feet from my speakers which are also 6 feet apart. They are 6" from the back wall and my listening chair is right against the wall that's behind it(chair). Terrible!, I know. Finally, (diamond stud earrings helped, of course), my wife is going to let me move my system to the other side of the living room. I'm going to place the speakers (the best I can do, given my room dimensions) toed in slightly, 2 feet from the side walls and 3 1/2 feet from the back wall.---6 feet apart. My listening chair will have 3 feet behind it before the wall. I'll be 12 feet from the speakers. Is this too far? Will I be giving up anything? I can get closer, but that will require moving a chair closer, when listening, to make that happen. The, chair, although movable, has to remain where it is for optimal living. Not listening, though. I'd appreciate feedback on the distances. Given, where my speakers were (on the long wall, as well) and where they will be now, I'm excited about the anticipated improvement, regardless. SOUNDSTAGE!, alone will do it, for me. I'm just waiting on an electician (my electrician loves me. thinks I'm nuts, of course) to put in the dedicated lines/Hubbells; and then I'm off. Should be a day or two. I hope I gave you enough info. Thanks in advance, my fellow audiophools. peace, warren
I have a pair of Meadowlark Swifts wich are more or less floorstanding monitors. I don't have exact dimensions but I sit about three feet from the wall behind me, my speakers are about six feet apart, about three and a half feet from the side walls, and about five to six feet from the wall behind them. For me this set up works, I seem to be really sensitive to the amount of space behind the speakers, and I also like to listen closer than most audiophiles. I find I get the best soundstage this way, in width and especially depth. as the speakers are farther away from me, as they are in most dealer's showrooms, I find I have to strain to hear the music and strain to connect with it. And of course the music has to be turned up way loud to feel the music, I can't describe it much better than that I'm sorry. The music has to be turned up loud to get any type of dynamics as well. These of course are all my personal feelings toward listening, but I just don't hear music the same way I do live when the speakers are far from me( I listen to mostly jazz by the way, even though I feel the same way about orchestral music as well). But of course try it and see wich way you like best, and have fun. As much as I like to think about the equipment, three's nothing like the feeling when everything is right and you can concentrate on the music.
In my experience the best sound, not considering placement for bass excess or reinforcement, I have always enjoyed dynamic speakers with the chair on about a 6 to 5 ratio, that is if 10 feet apart, then you head would be about 12 feet back. In your case with your speakers 6 feet apart, your listening position would be 7'2" back. The further back you go from there you will lose fine focus as the reflection points in the room start to intrude on the direct sound. Toe in or out can help restore or deminish focus lost in moving further back. Soundstage size can also collapse, especially at low volume. If you go back far enuf you almost have a far field experience, which may not really be all that bad a thing, assuming you don't miss the fine focus thing. Start experimenting without delay.
It sounds a bit too far back to me. I would get close to equilateral triangle for good imaging, as I've found imaging is degraded as I get further from the speakers. The trade off is that you'll lose bass reinforcement if neither you nor the speakers is near a rear wall.

Try to get a listening chair that can easily slide forward. Also, unless the system is very bright, you could try the AudioPhysic trick of toeing in the speakers even more, so that an imaginary line from the speakers would intersect in front of you ... that helps to minimize side wall reflections.
Move the chair. Somewhere arround an equilateral triangle seems to work best - you're still getting a seamless sound stage, although it can wrap arround you nearly 180 degrees.(I'm at 7' from a line drawn through my tweeters which are 8' apart - making for a triangle 8' on all sides. A little in either direction can make big differences in both this area and where you are in relation to bass peaks/nulls.

You also get a different balance between the direct sound and reflections when you're closer. Up close it's clearer, you have better image focus/precision, and I think the inner detail resolves itself better.

Play with it ! Speaker placement is free.
Thanks guys. Good points. You all seem to be on the same page with this one. I'm there. peace, warren
FWIW, Energy's literature recomends the ratio of 1:1.5 (speaker separation to sitting distance) with the distance to the rear and side walls not being equal, (exact dimension skips my brain).
Depending on your speakers(which were not mentioned) is generally considered that with true phasecorrect speakers such as Meadowlark,Thiel,Green Mountain,etc...a listening distance of at least 8 ft is optimal...for other speakers...a more near field setting works best in my humble opinion...I would side with are too far back my friend! I actually like your first arrangement better(on paper anyways)...happy listening!
Phasecorrect, I'm curious. What do you like about my original setup on paper? What, other than my proximity to the speakers, is good about that setup? Just curious. My distance (listening chair) with this new setup, can easily be augmented with a movement of the chair towards the speakers. That will give me even more room behind me to the wall, as well. That's good too. I hear my system already. I wish the electrician would get here, so it can become an audio reality. peace, warren
Well guys, 12 feet was just plain too far. Fine for light listening, but for the ole critical tympanics: 9 feet does me good. Soundstage is wide and very deep. I like the bass better with the sub on the short wall and the speakers 2 feet from the side walls. Maybe a little less extended, but tight and very natural. Thanks for the tips guys. Phasecorrect: cat got your tongue? peace, warren
Bottom line: closer is better. I'm now at about 7 1/2 feet. Better yet. It's amazing how that little change makes such a difference. Soundstage becomes deeper and the music more intimate/cozy. Though closer to the speakers the depth of the music increases. I think I've got it now. Comes down, bottom line, to an equidistant triangle. That was what I had before, but lacked the distance behind myself and the speakers. Got it now. peace,warren